Which size, jumbo or large flap?


Which one should o get Medium large classic flap or jumbo

  1. Medium large classic flap

  2. Jumbo classic flap

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  1. I already have the black lambskin jumbo classic flap, I love it but it is delicate. I want to get another color in caviar. Which size would you prefer, the large or the jumbo? What are the dimensions of the large? Does anyone have the caviar brown in large or jumbo with pics?
  2. I have the Jumbo Caviar in Black and Beige and it is a perfect size. I am 5'10" so I think it is perfect for me. I tried to attach a pic of the beige but I cannot get it small enough.
  3. Hi Allinthebag, will you be able to provide me the measurements of your jumbo? Also the jumbo does not have the double flaps correct? Thanks :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  4. No the jumbo does not have the double flaps, which makes it roomier.
  5. I love the jumbo for an everyday bag -- and the dark brown is absolutely gorgeous.
  6. Supersize ! Hehe . Definitely the Jumbo .
  7. i'ld get large :smile:
  8. Between the two, I would pick large:smile:
  9. I ordered a medium classic flap in caviar (black) last week. It came today and it is gorgeous but....too small.:sad:

    My S.A. says that the jumbo is too big but its sounds like the large is barely bigger than the medium.

    I can't go see them as I live in a city that has no Chanel bags anywhere!

    Help! Is the jumbo too big? Is the large too small? I don't carry a lot of makeup and stuff, just wallet, cellphone and glasses.
  10. I don't know if you can put your glasses in the large. What is your height? I'm 5'6" and I liked the large size on me so I bought it, but my next will be a jumbo. You can tie the straps to make them shorter and it will look a lot less bulky as a result.
  11. The Jumbo is not really so JUMBO. I don't carry a lot either, but my Chanel sunglasses case needs to fit in any bags that I own, and it fit's in the Jumbo. I bought my Jumbo sight unseen too, I had to rely on my SA to pick the right one for me....at first I thought I wanted the Large, but she told me nothing really fits in it, and to get the Jumbo. So I got the Jumbo......and believe me, it was the right bag to get.
  12. i guess it just depends on what other bags you own. also, if you're going to wear it out at formal events or just casually. i love big bags and personally with the other bags i have, i decided that the large suits my needs for what i'm going to use it for. good luck!

    also, the drop on the jumbo is longer so it also depends on your height.
  13. jumbo doesn't do justice for the name lol. It the perfect size for me...big enough to fit all my "stuff" in it!
  14. Jumbo isn't as big as it sounds, it's a great everyday size. The med and large (1" difference I believe) is best for evening unless you normally don't carry much then it may work for you.
  15. I say go for the Jumbo. It's an awesome bag !!!!! Really not too big as others have mentioned !