Which size for stripe Denim tote...pics here

  1. Some of you here mentioned how hot the stripe denim tote is, and I don't own any blue or denim bags yet. Now I plan to purchase one w/ a matching wallet, but I have a hard time deciding which size to get....I am 5'2, 105 pounds. Here are the two sizes. Which should I purchase for my body frame?

    1.[​IMG] 2. [​IMG]
  2. Is the purpose of the bag an everyday bag? If so, I would go with the first one as long as it goes over your shoulders very comfortably.
  3. I am 5"2, and I have and LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one. I got it the beginning of June for my anniversary from my hubby and have been using it EVERY DAY since!!!!! It is the absolutely BEST bag...comfy...holds everything, and is sooooooooooo darn ADORABLE!!!! See my avatar!!!! Good luck!!!
  4. the first one. absolutely.
  5. oh and at your size the strap will fit over your shoulders- no problem at all.
  6. I like the shape of the 2nd one better and you could definitely have enough space for snacks & water for your kid(s).
  7. definitely the first one!:tup:
  8. I also looked at these bags, but totes always concern me because there does not seem to be any security such as zipper or closure and it just open. Am I being concerned over nothing? Any input would be great thanks!
  9. It depends on where you carry them and where they will be sitting. Usually you put your wallet in the very bottom and there is an inside zip pocket for more valuables. When you are carrying it, you hold it tight and it would be near impossible for someone to get your hand way down in it. Then when you have it sitting next to you, you use the dog leash closure and fold the handles over each other to pretty much keep the bag shut.
  10. Thanks, that helps because I really love the look of the totes!
  11. That was a concern of mine as well when I first fell in love w/ this bag!! I was used to bags w/ zippers or the big chunky clips that close them...it took me about 2 weeks to get used to this though...I do NOT shut the "clip closure" this bag has b/c I find it to be a pain in the neck...basically I put my wallet on the side of the bag that is CLOSEST to me on the bottom, I put my sunglass case OVER that...etc. So I am covering anything that is of any value. The bag is pretty narrow, so nobody can touch it w/o you knowing...and when you carry it, your arm is over it, thus closing it up even tighter... to be honest, I am sooooooooo in love w/ this bag, that I am looking at other bags, but I keep saying do I really NEED them now?? I do want one of the new styles for fall/winter in the chocolate brown signature....but I do really like the fact that this bag has NO zipper b/c it's sooooooooo easy to get to your stuff when needed! I dont really find security a problem w/ it!!!! It's an adorable, fun, comfortable bag that I TOTALLY recommend to ALL of you!!!! :tup:
  12. YES...exactly!!! I dont even close the dog leah closure....I NEVER thought I would like a tote but I REALLY LOVE this bag!!!!
  13. I have the matching small zip around wallet...which wallet are you looking to buy? I cant wait to hear!!!!
  14. Thank you guys, I just may have to go with the small tote, it just too cute!:tup:
  15. You will NOT be sorry!!!! Keep us posted!!!