Which size for sellier (croc) Kelly would you own?


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Mar 3, 2010
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I would love to get your expert advice as I don't have much experience in Kelly. I've been a true birkin girl at heart, but I'm about ready pull the trigger and purchase my first Kelly (croc, glossy and sellier). I was wondering what people think is the best size for a sellier porosus croc? I'm 5'2. I generally do carry a lot in my purse (day time) but also want to use this for evening too. Is sellier too big in 32cm since its so structured for someone my height? I was advised to do 28cm? What do you all think? I understand this is a personal choice, but this is a big purchase for me so I don't want to regret anything. I would appreciate any advice for a new Kelly lover!
May 17, 2006
i do 25 28 and 32 but for your purpose i agree on the 28. big enough for day to day and still fitting for evenings ( i know a lot of ladies nowadays carry big kellys and even birkins at night but still that look does not sit right with me - totally personal opinion and i do not want to offend anyone

oh and i wish you loads of fun while hunting and then owning and enjoying your future beauty


Feb 5, 2009
28" for sure. I had this dillema a while ago - the only way to resolve it (for me) was to go into H and try on both sizes.

I already have a 32 retourne (souple) Kelly, btw, which I took with me that day. There is a 32 sellier Kelly in the boutique as the "try-on" not for sale bag, and it seemed larger than my 32 retourne simply as it's a rigid shape although it holds the same. My SA seemed to think I should get the 32 sellier but as soon as she brought out a 28 sellier for me to try, I knew it was the right one. I am only slightly taller than you.

There was a craftsman from H in the store that day (on an exchange trip) and he agreed that 28 was right too. It's so feminine and elegant.

I think a 28 is better for a croc Kelly, however you should decide with the two in front of you so you can try for yourself.

One other thing, if you are used to Birkins, you may be more likely to want a larger size as the Kelly closes and the shape tapers towards the top, unlike a Birkin so it may hold less.

You will probably find you can't hold as much as in your Birkin, but its a good opportunity to clear out your purse! I am hoping for a 28 sellier but don't plan on using it as a day bag as I carry a lot of stuff with me.

There's a thread somewhere showing how much each size holds - will try to find it!:smile:

Here it is!
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May 23, 2007
I'm about your size and i have a 28cm sellier :smile:
It is perfect !
You may want to consider a 25cm but if you do want to use it for daytime, the 25cm may be a bit too small.
The 28cm does fit quite a bit inside :smile:
Good luck !!!


May 4, 2008
You can do 32 or 28 and even smaller for evening but I would recommend 28, it is better for evening and will not feel as bulky as the 32 sellier also considering your height but a 28 does not hold much nor does a 32 compared to Birkin!


Nov 5, 2009
If your needs are for an evening bag and you feel comfortable with a 28 I think that is what you should get.


Feb 18, 2008
Since you say you carry a lot, a 28cm will not work for you. I am the same height and have a 32cm croc. I would not consider a croc in 28 as I want to see MORE scales!! The price differential was nothing and the size didn't matter to me. I actually do not carry much in my bags at all and still opted for the 32cm. Also note that you will have a much better selection of colors in a 32cm vs a 28cm, if you are in the US. Please get a gorgeous colored croc!!! They are out of this world crazy beautiful. It's all a matter of personal comfort. I prefer the look of a 28cm sellier on me, but I use all sizes, except the 25cm, which is too small for me.


Aug 26, 2007
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I am 5 feet 4 and I feel the 28's are perfect for me as they transition nicely to evening Good luck in your search, it will be a precious treasure!


Jan 22, 2006
28 is the nicest size for croc Kelly because it shows the scales more prominently and evenly, imho. It's lady-like, elegant and can be transitioned from day to night.