Which size for me?

  1. Hello,

    I'd love to buy a Chanel classic flap, but I'm not sure what size would be more suitable to me.
    I'm petite, 5'35'' (1.63 m) and 94.8 pounds (43 kg), but anyway love large bags.
    Which size would you recommend? I'm not a very "night out" girl, and I usually carry in my bag:
    - home keys
    - car keys
    - quite fat wallet
    - sunglasses+case (only day) & glasses+case (always)
    - car radio+case (they've already stolen once, don't want to risk again!)
    + some makeup such as lipstick, eyeshadow, eyepencil.
    Anyway, I don't want anything to look too much big on me.
    What do you suggest? A medium, a large or a jumbo size?
  2. I have a medium, which I like for evening. I'm five-one. However, if you're into larger bags perhaps the large is the best choice for you. IMO the jumbo is way too big.
  3. I'm around the same size you are and unfortunately the Jumbo was too big on me. I would go for the large to fit everything you carry (sorry about the stolen stereo!!)

    Here is some pics of the jumbo on me before it's departure ;)
    99210303610_0_ALB.jpg 29210303610_0_ALB.jpg 78210303610_0_ALB.jpg
  4. mary, perhaps the large would be best for you. have you had a chance to try them on al your local boutique or NM or Saks? you should really try them on and try it with your belongings in it to see which one you like best.
  5. lol.. that jumbo was/is soo beautiful.
  6. I would say the large. Mello that jumbo was beautiful!!!
  7. WOW Jen, that Jumbo looks GINORMOUS on you.:wtf:

    You're definitely more suited for the medium or the east-west and so is the OP if they are about your size.:yes:
  8. Jen, you have a gorgeous figure! I would have thought you were at least 5'7" or taller.
  9. I'ld get whichever one your heart desires. Im just under 5'1, 90lbs and I carry the east-west, med. double flap, large reissue, grand shopper and they all work
  10. ^^^^Omg jen... I saw the exact same bag at a consignment store for like 600 canadian!
    But i wasn't sure if its 100% real since I nver saw that style before...now I know! wow
  11. You'll probably need the jumbo to be able to fit the things you mentioned.
  12. doulosforhim - must keep telling myself that it was too big :crybaby: but thanks again.

    twinklette - she is quite the beauty! thanks, i'll pass on the kind words!

    Monica - it does huh? phew, thanks Mon!! I need some reassurance, I'm starting to miss her :crybaby:

    Roey - aww thanks so much :love: I only wish I could be that tall (without heels ;) )

    Yorelica - wow!! i think if it wasnt for this forum, i wouldve questioned it too. you should get it if it's still there :graucho:

    to the OP, mary, it totally didnt phase me that i have pics of a medium classic flap being worn (and the east-west too but it's smaller than what you're looking for). I'll post if i can find it and if not, I'll PM you with it!
  13. mello i'm even shorter than your are, i've never seen a jumbo in real life oh noooo i think it will look godawful on me! :roflmfao:

    oh well save me some money i guess :crybaby:

    p.s. i think it looks great on you regardless, big bags are beautiful.
  14. Jen: hehe no no Im okay because I like to buy my bags from the boutiques :smile: But if anyone is interested PM me about it :P
  15. Here I'm again.
    Thank you all for your advice.
    Jen: thank you sooo much for posting your jumbo, it looks mighty...I'll wait for some pictures of the medium.
    Doulousforhim: i didn't have the chance to go to a boutique, because the nearest is in Milan (300 km), where my sister lives. I was thinking to get the chance to greet her and btw to make some good "bagseeing" in Via della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone. I think it's better before wasting my money in a bag which doesn't look good on me.

    For everyone: what is an east/west??? I've always wanted to asked, but i was to ashamed to open a thread to ask!:shame: Do you have any picture?
    Again, can i put all the things i listed in a large size?