Which size Carly do you prefer??

  1. I was at the Coach store yesterday and I love the Carly like many of you on this forum do, but I was torn on which size would be better. So which do you like more the Carly medium or the large?? I cannot decide which I like more. I wish Coach had a Carly that was a little bigger than the medium but smaller than the large.
  2. Me too! The Big is too long and the medium is too short! I just bought the Beet/Khaki Med.Carly and I'm just not feeling it. I wish there was an in between size. I'm probably returning mine...my search goes on for the perfect size bag :smile:
  3. I have the medium and I love it!

    I actually really love the look of the large too, but as a single person can never imagine myself being able to fill it. Even on workdays I can toss my energy drink and whatever else I need into the medium and it fits well.

    Probably if I had kids or another reason to carry more stuff I would go for a large.
  4. Yep, that was exactly my dilemma.....I had the large khaki/black combination which I loved but I just couldn't talk myself into being comfortable with it. It was so heavy and felt bulky but when I looked at the medium it just seemed too small so ended up returning it. Everyone assured me that that the Carly is the most popular bag right now but sad to say it just didn't do it for me.
  5. I have the medium size and honestly I did wish there was a size in between the medium and large. Large seems just too big but medium does seem a little on the small side. But I love the medium anyway, it still fits all my things nicely.
  6. yikes...i just bought the medium in black sig...i've had the large and it was way too big...i'm trying to downsize a little bit...i was in ny last weekend and saw the medium again...friend said it didn't look small on me...but listening to you guys here i'm wondering...mine is coming in from jacksonville...
  7. I have a medium and I really like it. It's a good size, but I do wish the denim material was a little bit thinner... The material is so thick and heavy.
  8. I think the large looks better...more slouch.
  9. I actually wished there was an in-between for the top handle pouch and the Med. (Large would make me fall to one side!)
  10. Well I like the large one. I like to have a lot of slouch to it and I carry more than I need to and it is the perfect size for me. I could never fit my things in the smaller size. I'm short but not small and I feel like the smaller one is too small looking on me.
  11. I'm in the same boat and need to decide between the medium and large carly. I tried both on the other day and the medium looked too small and the large was just too big. I looked up the dimensions of the medium and saw that it's basically the same size as my gallery tote that I carry now. I think I need to go back in and try them on again and this time put my things in it to see how it works. I REALLY want a carly too!!
  12. Large!!!
  13. I am exactly the same, wish they had a size in between! I prefer the medium though, I am 5'10" but don't carry much at all so for me the large is overkill, plus to me the large can look like a billboard if you get the khaki signature. They are all beautiful. But for me, I like the medium, but for looks I wish it were a bit bigger. :yes:
  14. Me too. I love the style of the bag and of the two sizes, the medium is a better fit for me but I do wish there was an in-between size.
  15. For me it depends on the color, I love the brown and black leather in large but the Chili looks better in medium I think. The signature ones I like better in medium, except khaki/beet which is awesome in large!

    How's that for a clear answer? ;) I love the Carly, I'm still hoping for one in Whiskey. Wouldn't that be awesome?