Which size cape cod watch?

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  1. I know this has been discussed in a few threads. I have a size 17 love bracelet. Not exactly sure what my wrist is measuring at the moment. I'm going to purchase it online. I can't decide between the pm or mm.

    I've never seen it in person and no boutique near me. Also I have no idea if there are issue with this watch.

    I currently own
    Chopard happy sport smallest size
    Cartier ballon bleu small
    Michele sport sail

    I'm just itching to purchase something. I've had this on my mind for a few weeks. Or a pair of the small vca perlee hoops but I own so many gold and diamond hoops. I don't have anything that looks like the perlee tho.

    Should I get the watch or something else? If so, which size??? Tia!
  2. I dont own a cape cod watch but i love the style too, i think you should go for it! The watches you have now are dressier, the cape cod is more casual and quite a distinct look i think (especially with a dbl tour strap).

    I would buy the watch over the VC&A hoops as i think the watch would have more impact on your appearance, ie, its a more noticeable accessory.

    As for size im not too sure, i personally like the pm but many like larger size watches. If you like the cartier bb in small (another watch i love!) then id suggest the pm. And with a dbl tour strap it still has a bit of impact :smile:

    Good luck, please post mod shots of whatever you decide to get!
  3. I have the large cape cod. I get tons of compliments on it. The double tour bracelet makes a big difference as well. A statement piece.
  4. Your are right, much more impact than a pair of hoops
  5. I def want the double tour bracelet
  6. Anyone know how the PM compares to cartier tank francaise in the ladies small size? If its smaller I may lean more towards the MM. Thanks
  7. I just purchased the cape cod pm with double tour strap in barenia and also black! Love it!
    The gm has the date on it though, which could be helpful
  8. I think it depends on whether you'd like the look of a smaller ladylike watch or a larger more sporty/casual size. Sounds like your watches are smaller so if you feel a need to change it up a little, then try a larger Cape Cod--it's still not too big. My Love bracelet is a 16 but I don't find the large Cape Cod too big but then I do wear watches both large and small.
  9. I love Cape cod watch, posting a pic of me wearing a large GM size in double tour.

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  10. Cape cod watch gm with diamonds in single tour croc black strap.

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  11. Thank you all for your feedback. Birkin10600 that's a lovely stack. Gosh, I just can't decide. Other than my michele watch, my husband pick the others out for me. After seeing a larger size ballon bleu I had doubts but I'm glad I got the smaller one as it seems more dressier and the larger more casual.

    But for the cape cod, I do like the pm, it looks daintier. But I'm not too sure what look I want to go for. I wish there was a boutique near me to try them on and decide. I'll just need to see more wrist shots.