Which size Cabas to keep...HELP!!!

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Which size Cabas to keep...HELP!!!

  1. small Baby Cabas

  2. large Baby Cabas

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  1. :confused1: I really need everyone's help! Long story short, I recently purchased the Baby Cabas & the new larger size. I am so torn. I love the Baby Cabas, my only dilema is that it's very similar in size as about 3 other bags I have (I like variety in my collection), and I've read it doesn't fit over some larger coats (I haven't tested this yet as I've only taken it out of the box for these pics! haha). I love big bags, but the larger Cabas is HUGE. It's really hard to tell in the pics, but it's quite larger than the Baby Cabas. Well, I'm going to the city for LV's cocktail party next Wed. so I was hoping to return one of my Cabas then. Opinions please!!

    p.s. I took the pics right after I went to the gym so please don't mind my workout clothes!! lol Oh, & I'm 5'7" for reference!
  2. I prefer the large cabas on you!! totally keep that one! hope this helps! and let us know how you decide!
  3. I say keep the small... its looks more proportional on you w/o out looking to overwhelming. Plus, the small is pretty large already~! L:huh:ks fab on yah :tup:

    I'm hoping the small one is on the left side... :Push:
  4. Sorry, forgot to include the smaller is on the left & the larger is on the right!! Thanks for the input...keep it comin! I don't have many friends/family that are into bags so I'm totally depending on tPF...you all are the best!
  5. Based on the pics you posted, both look great on you! :smile:
    However, if I had to choose one I'd go with the small. The large almost looks a little bit too big.
  6. You look great with both, but the smaller Cabas is just perfect on you IMO! :heart: :tup:
  7. i REALLY like the baby cabas
    and it also look SO cute on you~~
    the small is already a pretty large bag
    good luck!!
    and keep us updated :smile: hehe
  8. the baby looks better
  9. Hmm...they both look great, but I prefer the baby cabas (and I love big bags!). Whichever one you choose it's a win-win situation ;)
  10. the smaller one looks better on you
  11. is the larger cabas the size of the vinyl coco cabas? if yes, keep that one! and i'm guessing that you're carrying the larger cabas in the right pic, right? i love that it's so big! :tup: i love the baby cabas but if you have 3 other bags that are similar in size, keep the big one!
  12. hmm I like the larger baby cabas on you better!
  13. I voted for the small.
  14. ooh I DEFINATELY like the lagrer cabas better, it looks awesome on you!
  15. They really don't look that different in size... in your pictures, that is.

    I couldn't tell which was which, until you told us the large is on the right.

    Could you take pictures that are the same distance from the mirror, so we have a better sense of proportion?