Which size Birkin is suitable for me?

  1. Hi! I am thinking of getting a Birkin soon. I know there's a waitlist but my sister's husband can get me to the top of the list at Bellagio Hermes. So, my question is which size is suitable for me? I'm 5'2 and slim. I don't want a birkin to overwhelm me. I'm considering a 30 but do you think that's too big still?
  2. I would get at least a 30. When I went to Hermes last weekend, there were no Birkins, but I looked at a 32 Kelly and I don't think I would want anything smaller than that. The 32 in the Kelly definitely wasn't huge.
  3. I am also 5'1" and slender. So far, everyone has encouraged me to go for the 30 cm birkin- I think the 35cm would just be too big for me. Here is a thread that discussed the varous sizes and the pros and cons:

  4. i think the 30cm actually does not look that big and i think it's the perfect size to hold all the daily stuff.
  5. I think it's your preference. A 30cm is probably a good size, but for me, I prefer a bigger bag. So, I would want both! ha ha!
  6. I was thinking of getting the 40....isnt that the one that mary kate has??? I like how is huge...but im afraid of the weight though.
  7. A 40 is quite large, but I always say buy what you love and don't let others' tastes influence your decision. As for the weight...a 40 will be heavy. Are you ready for the weight? If you get Togo leather you better start lifting some free weights now for the arrival of that bag. Good Luck. You are a pretty lady and the bag will enhance your beauty.
  8. I agree with Kelly that a 40cm is quite large and heavy. I was at Hermes today ... Gosh, I went there everyday this week ... there was a JPG black Birkin which is 40cm. It was in togo leather and that was heavy!

    But choose what you like the best. I personally prefer the 30cm ... but I'm a very tiny 4'10".

    I've seen a 25cm and that was too tiny and I've tried my friend's 35cm and that was too big.
  9. A 30 should do it!
  10. Thanks everyone. I just ordered a 30 White Birkin :love:
    I hope I will get it this year! LOL.
  11. OOh a white 30 will be gorgeous!!
  12. I hope so too sweetsparkle! White birkin is divine! :love:

    After you get the white, you can move on to blue jeans, fuchsia, potiron....:smile:
  13. All the best to you...can't wait to see that one. I could never have a white bag with my children. It will be truly divine!
  14. I like the 30cm and I'm about 5'4". You won't be able to fit any magazines in there, but you can definitely fit essentials like wallet, phone, makeup bag, and whatnot; it is a true "handbag." If you're looking for a tote-sized bag, go with the 35cm.

    Or get both. :smile:
  15. [​IMG]
    perhaps a 27cm HAC?
    (photo: taken from asian women and their birkins thread)