Which size bag?

  1. Post what you normally carry around with you and the perfect size/style bag for you. If you like, also height and weight :yes:
  2. And if you ever carry you bag over your shoulder or by the strap!
  3. My favorite is the day
  4. Medium Motorcyle.
  5. sorry, i wasn't very clear! i'll start. large wallet, large keychain, pepper spay, kleenes, makeup case, magazine, notebook, 1 -2books, pen, cel, ipod, water

    work, sometimes over my shoulders, 5'3, 110 pounds
  6. Carry - Truffle Work over my shoulder.
    Me: 5ft6in, 69 kgs

    Inside the bag: Book, slim diary, chloe wallet, two sets of keys, cosmetic pouch, cardi.:shame:
  7. Carry-Courier
    Me- 5ft 8 I weigh a little over 10 stone
    In Bag- sony psp, mp3, water, make-up bag, wallet, umbrella, book sometimes - I have too much space left in it I can also fit my coat in it!
  8. Carry - City/ Twiggy

    Me - 5'2 and weigh 65kg (which is about 140 pounds?) I've put on about 10kgs since getting together with my BF... so I need to do something about that :lol:

    In bag - Bal Coin Purse with makeup, mobile phone, large dior sunglasses in even bigger case, digital camera... plenty of room for more too!
  9. carry : city or weekender, and i carry them by the shoulder
    i'm 5'4" and 85 lbs

    for normal day out (aka. i have no meetings to attend too)
    i carry LV wallet PTI, LV medium organizer, balenciaga coin purse for make up, balenciaga mini coin purse for cards and change, 2 cell phones, 2 pack of cigarettes, ipod, keys.

    for abnormal day (aka i have to attend meeting or meetings and carry stuffs for work presentation)
    besides all the stuff mentioned above, i carry A4 files of papers (usually quite a lot of them), laptop, and chargers.
    and sometimes a pile of clothes (i'm also a freelance stylists :p)
  10. City bags is my favourite, don't often carry it on the shoulder, mainly hand held!
  11. Well, i only have one b-bag so....

    I carry the City. Depending on what i feel like I carry it on my shoulder, crook of my arm or in my hand.

    Yesterday I had a notebook, cell phone, blackberry, I-pod, sunglasses case (one of those huge ones), hat, mittens, mints, pen, water bottle... I think that's it! It wasn't very heavy but it was pretty packed.

    It's approx 10X15 inches... BUT it changes depending on what's in it. When my notebooks is in it, it's much more structured. But when it's all smaller items or softer items, it smooshes down quite a bit.

    Also, I'm 5'4" and around 135 lbs.