Which size Alexa in Oak?

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  1. I am thinking of purchasing my first Mulberry Alexa in the Oak, but I don't know whether the regular size or OS will suit me best.

    As I am in Australia, I don't have the chance to go into the store to have a look first, but I trust all of your judgments!

    My height is 5'6, medium bulit and I do tend to lug around the whole kitchen sink with me, so which one will be better for me?

    I saw a pic of LuvTare's Alexa in Oak and I just love it!

    Also, what is the possibility of me finding either one of the bags? And where?

  2. How about making us a list of what you mean by 'the whole kitchen sink'. I have got a lot of normal handbag items in a Regular but if you are considering adding files, magazines, paperback books, water bottles, baby stuff, garments etc, you definitely need an OS.
  3. go for OS the regular is quite small!
  4. Hi TB,
    I saw the Alexa for the first time in store the other day. They had the regular and i was suprised at how small it was.
    If you carry around quite a lot of stuff i would go for the oversized.
    If you look at some of the alexa threads i think (if i remember correctly) that someone posted some inside pics of Alexa with their stuff inside.
  5. Agree that the regular is ideal as a 'handbag'. I was also surprised at how small and dainty the regular is. It does look perfect though! Any extras (files, papers, spare clothes)would require OS. That said, i think some people on here have raised concerns re how sturdy the os would be if you rammed it to the brim. If you need a good solid workbag, maybe a bays would be a better bet?
  6. I ordered the regular one but sent it back (main reason being it had a big mark on the bottom of it) but didn't get a replacement as i was disappointed with how small it was. On the lookout for for an OS one now!
  7. I think os will be perfect for you.
    Net a porter will be getting more in shortly, and they are fab at shipping internationally :smile:
  8. Thanks so much everyone... I think I am sold on the OS already! I will be on the lookout for the OS :smile: I need it to park my red double decker bus keyring!
  9. My Ink regular is big enough for me personally. If you take your kitchen sink around with you, you need a OS.
  10. Usually in my handbag:

    *Long wallet
    *Coin purse
    *Bottle of water
    *Makeup bag (a small-medium sized bag)
    *Fold-up shopping bag
    *Fold-up ballet flats
    *Removable harddrive
    *A light cardigan

    Usually, the above contents can make my LV Mahina in XL quite heavy... and the Mahina can fit quite a bit too!
  11. Your stuff definitely won't fit in the Regular.

    How do you intend to carry the OS - cross body on the strap, WAG style or in your hand?

    My reason for asking is that the strap of my Regular Oak is pretty uncomfortable after using the bag messenger style for about 45 minutes with less in it than on your list. It is OK to start with but the strap starts to cut into my shoulder after walking round for a while.

    If I were you I would take the items you are proposing to a shop, load them into OS Alexa, and walk round the shop with it slung round you on the strap. If it feels heavy and there is any discomfort that may well get worse in real life.
  12. :ty: Jenova... I am in Australia and there are no Mulberry stores here for me to go and try it out first, which is why I am relying on you girls to help me.

    I think I intend to carry it either the wag style or in my hand... and maybe on the odd occasion when I am travelling as a messenger. I guess I could always lighten my load and carry not as much!

    Definitely sold on the OS... now I have to stalk the site for one, unless there is one somewhere in the store that I can directly order from :lol:
  13. Sounds like the bag for you then. Good luck with your quest.

    Love the kitten in your avatar - is it your own?
  14. Jeanbrown in Brisbane is going to stock Mulberry OS Alexa this season. Maybe contact them once the item is in and see how much the price will be. Try to avoid ordering from mulberry.com if you can, Terri_berri. There will be 30% extra customs that you have to pay when the item arrives here.

  15. Thanks for the tip Inem... I didn't realise this at all... Definitely wil be trying out Jeanbrown... is this the shop in The Emporium?
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