Which size agenda should I get?


Which size should I get?

  1. 3x5

  2. 4x7

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a coach agenda but I don't know which size I should get. I'm a college student soon going to grad school and I will also be a teacher. Should I get the 3x5 or 4x7? I usually use my Coach signature gallery tote for school and work.
  2. i've had both the 3x5 and now, currently, a 6x8.

    3x5 is sorta small, but fine if you're not writing too much. 6x8 is quite large, even for ocd me, lol. i think 4x7 is a perfect size!
  3. i had a larger tumi agenda (and i too am a student going to school to be a teacher) :smile:
    and I decided i wanted to try out a smaller agenda so i got a coach 3x5 and it is small but i find its perfect :smile:
    I didnt get the address book insert cause i dont use then instead i got the calender for one side of it and it has like 5 lines for each day
    and then i got an adorable clairefontaine side bound notebook with all just lined paper so i can take extra notes if i need to and its PERFECT :smile: im sooososso happy to be using a smaller agenda!
    this is the little type of notebook it is that i got for the other side of my planner

    here it is :smile:
  4. definitely NOT the 3x5...just my opinion, but I think it's too dang small to write anything meaningful in.

    I've been LUSTING after a Coach agenda...but I'm so cheap...my $5 planner from wal-mart (that I buy EVERY year...) works perfectly for me. But then I was at target one day and found a zip around agenda, probably in the 4x7 size, 6-ring binder, undated, address book, notepad, tons of other goodies....in my favorite color green.

    It had one of those lovely orange clearance stickers on it. $4.41.

    hell yeah I bought it! (still would love a coach one though if i could find a good deal on one!)
  5. I just got my 3x5 agenda at the outlet last weekend. I was using a Franklin Covey planner with two pages per day and wasn't using even 1/2 of the pages.

    I've found that I'm writing enough to fill the lines but I'm not needing more space with the 3x5. Plus it fits perfectly into all of my bags and I don't have to carry anything extra. Now I can have it with me all the time. I love it!
  6. I have the 6x8 legacy stripe one and I love it! My husband has tried to get me to go to the palm pilot thingy and I can't seem to get off of paper. :p It keeps everything I need and I can shove other papers in it and keep everything together. Definitely go for the bigger one.
  7. Hi there!
    I am a teacher and I own the 3x5 for these reasons:
    1. it fits in my bag better
    2. detailed school functions are in my plan book so i just write a quick note in my agenda (tchr mtg., prof. day, etc.). Otherwise, I'd be writing a lot of things twice and I look at my plan book a million times a day, and at my agenda about 3 times a day.
    3. It's cheaper and teachers are underpaid (Okay, that was just me on my soapbox - get the size you're most comfortable with)

    P.S. I'm on Spring Break and loving that I can post in the mornings this week!
  8. The 3x5 is a little small. Several of my friends have the larger one and it's fabulous!
  9. the large one is lovely but if you want it to fit iin your purse i would get the smaller one its cute too