Which sites do you all browse daily...

  1. to look at bags :?:
    I frequent Bluefly, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Shopbop and eluxury.
    What are some of the sites you guys like to browse?
  2. def. TPF, and style.com, neimanmarcus, net-a-porter
  3. Hi, I'm new and I'm not quite sure how everything works yet, but I bought a bag at daniscloset.com, a Betsey Johnson, and returned it about a month ago and I still have no refund. Have any of you had any problem with this site? Also is Jcmadison.com a trusted site?
  4. Let-Trade.com
  5. I never heard of daniscloset.com, but I have ordered from JCMadison. I'm sitting here waiting on UPS right now for a Botkier Bianca I ordered. So far, their service has been impeccable. I think they are well known on this site.
  6. I have sooo many saved sites but I like E-Lux, NM, Shopbop, Active Endeavors, JCMadison, Pink Mascara and The Purse Store. I used to look through Bluefly all the time but after my bad experience in returning something I doubt I will ever buy there again.
  7. tpf(obviously!), Netaporter, LVR, eBay and glam hehe.

    Yeah, i stay away from bluefly, i've heard too much bad stuff to risk getting enticed and ripped off :sad: it's a real shame