Which sites do you all browse daily...

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  1. to look at bags :?:
    I frequent Bluefly, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Shopbop and eluxury.
    What are some of the sites you guys like to browse?
  2. Hi, I'm new and I'm not quite sure how everything works yet, but I bought a bag at daniscloset.com, a Betsey Johnson, and returned it about a month ago and I still have no refund. Have any of you had any problem with this site? Also is Jcmadison.com a trusted site?
  3. Let-Trade.com
  4. I never heard of daniscloset.com, but I have ordered from JCMadison. I'm sitting here waiting on UPS right now for a Botkier Bianca I ordered. So far, their service has been impeccable. I think they are well known on this site.
  5. I have sooo many saved sites but I like E-Lux, NM, Shopbop, Active Endeavors, JCMadison, Pink Mascara and The Purse Store. I used to look through Bluefly all the time but after my bad experience in returning something I doubt I will ever buy there again.
  6. tpf(obviously!), Netaporter, LVR, ebay and glam hehe.

    Yeah, i stay away from bluefly, i've heard too much bad stuff to risk getting enticed and ripped off :sad: it's a real shame