Which simple Tiffany earrings for everyday?

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which pair of earrings for everyday?

  1. Tiffany Bow in Rose gold

  2. Tiffany Script disc earrings in yellow gold (they dont have rose gold)

  3. strongly recc the garden amethyst earrings for everyday (please state why below, preference is for t

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    which do you like better for an everyday earring that will not go out of style? I wear my tiffany arrows basically everyday and otherwise my cartier bangle and other metro style pieces. Thanks! I also wear mainly rose gold and platinum, but I do always have one or two small delicate yellow gold pieces. My necklaces are almost always rose gold or platinum. Thanks! Would you suggest anything else? I looked at the amethyst garden earrings, but do you think its worth the 1400?
    I am alooking at the tiffany garden amethyst earrings to maybe one day pair with the VCA 10 motif in all rose gold... what do you think? Only one pair of earrings can be purchased right now. Thanks!
  2. I know I am biased as I have them but I think the script disc earrings would be perfect for you! The bow earrings are pretty but you might find you get bored/outgrow the motif eventually, whereas the disc earrings are more classic.
  3. I also would choose these. I like them the best of the "whimsical" styles. Or I would choose the gold beads (round balls). Of the two you picked out, I would choose the bows.
  4. I love the disc, classy and you wont get sick of them
  5. I like the bow earrings. I am not a fan of the disc earrings because of the logo on it. I like more subtle pieces. I also have to vote for the Elsa Peretti open heart earrings. I have them and love them!
  6. my vote goes for the bow earrings bc they are so cute..i dont like the disc earrings as much bc i rather wear some sparkly diamond studs that have more spark

  7. Agreed.
  8. LVoeletters,
    I think it really depends on what you like. For myself I would select the Tiffany script disc earrings in yellow gold, but only because I am a signature girl. I prefer Tiffany's signature line, but the bows seem like they would be nice as well. Based on your previous jewelry that you have posted I don't think I have seen you with any signature jewelry. I might have missed it because I have read every response and seen everybody's jewelry. The amethyst earrings to me may not wear everyday for the cost. That is my birthstone but I would not wear them as everyday earrings. For the cost of them I would only bring them out on occasion. But, you have some individuals that would wear a certain birthstone everyday in their ears because that is what they prefer. So, really it is all about what you like and everytime you look in the mirror are you going to turn to the side and look at your ear and say, "Boy these earrings look good on me."
  9. Hmm, I like the script ones best but the yellow gold would be an issue for me, only because I don't wear it and go for usually platinum or rose gold. Yellow just doesn't suit my skin tone. Could go for the script ones in silver maybe? Not the same though is it......
    I used to have the 1837 circle earrings that I thought I would wear as everyday earrings but someone once asked me if I was wearing press studs in my ears, so that put me totally off and I sold them!
  10. Bow!
  11. bows, but i'm biased!!! lol i love tiffanys bows C:
  12. those bows are on my own wishlist!
  13. Bow for sure!