Which silver shoes? Please vote.

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Which silver shoes?

  1. snakeskin ankle strap

  2. snakeskin slide

  3. classic sequin higher heel.

  4. stripey silver/black/white

  5. Mod Lucite baby!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have gone WAY over budget lately in buying clothes/shoes/accesories for our upcoming vacation to SoCal and Vegas but I still need to get a pair of silver shoes. I do NOT have a lot to spend right now. TRUST me, there are many silver CL's, Mui Muis, etc.. that I'd love to have right now but can't swing it. These are the options I am good with. What do ya think?

    Thank you! :smile:

    1) Faux snakeskin, comfortable heel height:

    2) Another faux snakeskin, easy breezy with no sling or backstrap, unique design:

    3) Classic, higher heel than all other options, COULD border on a little "promy":

    4) A little HINT of silver, will also match white or black:

    5) OK, now here are the REAL trendsters, lucite is EVERYWHERE but novelty will wear off fast. I would probably sell them on eBay after our trip but they'd be fun for awhile!
  2. your fifth choice is the cutest IMO, they're fab.
  3. i agree the fifth is the best, they're beautiful...good luck!;)
  4. i agree, i like the fifth the best :smile:
  5. i luv the 5th too!
  6. #5 has my vote...
  7. i like the snakeskin...it looks like it has the highest quality, at least from the picture...and i can see you wearing it casual, or more fancy, like with a dress.
  8. I chose the ones with sequins. I love them on anything!
  9. Stuart Weitzman's
  10. I like the lucite ones the best, too -- they look like so much fun! But, I have two questions...
    1. Isn't that clear plastic uncomfortable? I can't imagine it having much give. And wouldn't your foot sweat in it?
    2. Given the above, how can you sell them on ebay after you've worn them and, presumably, sweated in them? Do people really buy slightly used shoes?
  11. I ended up buying NONE of the above. I went to Nordstroms today & tried those Stuart Weitzman's on. My foot was slipping in one size, and the size below felt too narrow. They are cute, but ehhhh.

    I ended up with the following:

  12. wow - i love them both. the thong sandal is perfect. really nice choices, congrats.