Which side stones with an emerald cut diamond?

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  1. Hi Ladies, I could use your advice. My SO and I are looking at engagement rings and over the weekend he pointed out an emerald cut with trapezoid side stones. I had been thinking about an emerald with side baguettes, and had never considered trapezoid sides.

    Which do you think is nicer and why? To me, the emerald with side baguettes is very classic, and the emerald with side trapezoids is a bit more modern. Your opinions are appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. I think the baguette sides are better on shorter fingers and the traps on longer fingers.
  3. I personally like the classic look of baguettes with an emerald cut.
  4. I prefer trapezoid with emerald cut. I prefer bigger jewlery. Anything narrow just gets lost on my hand
  5. C - you're too funny! the bigger the better right? :graucho:

    anyway, i do prefer the traps as well. but the baguettes arent bad either.
  6. I prefer baguettes because I think they look more elegant, more streamlined. It's just a classier look IMO. For me, the trapezoids look too blingy, like you're trying too hard. Baguettes=old money Trapezoids=new money, IMHO.
  7. How about emerald cut.
    Nicole Richie's previous engagement ring.
  8. ^ I always thought her side stones were trapezoids... they are emeralds?
  9. I have Baguettes on the side of my Emerald. But trapezoids would look stunning t:huh:.
  10. Do you have a photo of your ring?
  11. Excuse my horrible pictures & uncleaned ring... I can't seem to get a non blurry one...

    my e-ring by itself


    w/ my wedding band


    I'd probably change the setting when we upgrade in a few years or a larger heavier carat wedding band (I'd wear alone). :idea: But, DH picked it out by himself & they stayed open for him 2 hrs after they were closed...sO I'm going to enjoy it.... for at least a couple more years ;)
  12. ^ That is a sweet story!
  13. not to complicate matters but there are also

    bullet sides




    FWIW, I like the baguette look best too.

    my dream ring ---->>>

  14. Hey....you are having the same dreams as me!!!!!!!

    Re. the dream emerald.......would anyone even take their eyes off it for a second to even notice the sides???? LOL

    As for the question of choosing sides, I think it depends on the look of the ring in question. As a rule I would go for bigger side stones given a choice. And I dont like the look of one baget....it looks a bit stingy. My er has 4 tapered bagets on either side (of a round) but they are not that sparkly.
  15. i love that sapphire ring with the bullet sidestones. it's very art-deco looking, simple and elegant. i love it. and usually i'm not into sidestones at all for diamond rings.