Which side does the clasp go??

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  1. Sorry to make this a new thread but I've already posted in the authenticate link and nobody has replied. This little denim pleaty appears to have the strap clasp on the other side to the one on the LV website. It only has one, the other side is fixed so can anybody tell me which side it should be on? Is this seller trustworthy?


  2. You're 100% fine with this seller!

  3. Are you the seller?
  4. the price is a bit steep for the condition its in. i think you should look harder for a better price, because there are many out there!

  5. I agree, it is a bit worn for the $$$ the seller is asking. You can find this style authentic and much newer condition on eBay. If I were you (unless you are in a hurry) would hold out for a better condition pleaty.
  6. ^^ ITA with bvbirdygirl. Haggle!!
  7. I agree with them ^^^ about the price ... for another $200. you can get it brand new at a boutique or Eluxury.com then you don't have to worry about the authenticity either.
  8. I believe mine is that way too, and mine is 100% real. The website is not a good way to authenticate, many items are "off" on purpose.

    As far as price, way too expensive for the condition.
  9. Thansk for the advice ladies. Strangely my post in the authenticate link has disappeared. I bookmarked the page and now it's gone.


    Somebody with mod status is the seller of that item for sure. Bit naughty.
  10. ^ Umm I don't think so. Anyway, I've seen that seller sell fakes before and I doubt anyone here with a MODERATOR status would sell fakes.

    FOr that price I'd rather buy brand new, especially (like everyone else said) in that condition.
  11. Nope!
  12. keep in mind the pic's you see on elux are not the same as the real bags. Ie the manhattan, Mc speedy, and a few others.
  13. Really? The pic I saw were on LV website and not elux! Are you saying LV show pics of bags which aren't real?:confused1: Why?
  14. they alter the details a little to throw of the fakers they copy bags from the pics with the incorrect details it helps distinguish the real from the fake