Which shoulder style Bay to buy???

  1. Ok ladies, there are currently 2 styles of single shoulder strap Bays out there in Moka. One is at Nordies and is a regular shoulder bag, slightly wide with a divided center in the middle of the bag, open top style and is $1800. The other is a slimmer hobo style that is a cross body style with a longer shoulder strap, no dividers in the middle, and is about 1/3 as wide as the first bg mentioned. It is $1600 and is online at BG and NM. So, which bag is more of a favorite?? I will try to post pics tomorrow because I am at work right now...sssshhhh don't tell my boss :nuts:
  2. I am so bad, did I mention I have BOTH currently in my possession right now because I need to decide between the two!! :yes: My credit card definitely does not need the strain of both bags..one has to go!
  3. I'm at a loss to help you without pics. My poor addled brain can't handle the descriptions!
  4. Are we talking these two bags?


    In that case, I like the first one better - I felt the strap on the messenger bag was too cumbersome and the first bag was a bit dressier. I also liked the divided space in the first bag.
  5. Blugenie, you rock! Those are the two bags. I can't decide though....the top bag is soooooo wide when you put a lot of stuff in it...at least 10 inches wide even though it is advertised as 7"..... Please help me!:yes:
  6. I have the messenger (the camel) shown above. I agree the strap is too long and cumbersome. But, I double the strap in the center, then wrap the strap-holder-snap-on-thingy around it to hold it in place, which shortened the strap considerably. It then looked awesome as a hobo. A little slouchy:smile:
  7. I like the second one most :heart: Looks so sporty....the one above looks more elegant, I think...
  8. [​IMG]

    Definitely prefer the long strapped version. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I think it's great that there's a choice, though. :yes:

  9. Agree :yes:
  10. I prefer the longer strap one too. Gorgeous style and lovely colour.
  11. Anyone else?? Please help :confused1:
  12. I totally prefer bags with two handles. I think they look 'sharper' somehow. I definitely like the shorted bay with the double handles :yes:
  13. I saw them again at Nordies tonight and still prefer the first bag, but that's me. I totally loved the messenger in pics but IRL the strap drives me nuts! Chloe always seems to over-do the cross-body straps.

    Think of how you'll use the bag - business or casual? Age-wise the messenger looks more 20's to me and the smaller bag looks more 30's plus.... oops, did I just give away my age? :p:
  14. The same with chanel. The strap of my chanel tweed messenger is veeeeeerry long, too long in my opinion :shrugs:

    Anyway I like the messenger style...and this bay will be mine, too. ....someday :yes:
  15. i just got the moka bay with the shorter strap and for me its the perfect size and length...