Which shoulder bag do you prefer?

  1. I'm intent on getting a new LV shoulder bag before the big price increase. The problem is that I can't decide which bag to purchase and I truly want to get the most for my money. I'm currently torn between the Cabas Mezzo and the Saleya MM or GM. The bag would be used primarily for work related purposes and the occasional shopping trip. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and all opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance!
  2. i like the saleya mm, in damier azur!
  3. i was under the impression that the saleya mm was more of a handheld...barely long enough handles to be comfortable on the shoulder? is that just me?
  4. I love the Mezzo..but if you want something with less vachetta to care for, then the Saleya GM is probably better.
  5. Any bags in Damier Azur. It's very nice and hot!
  6. Of the one´s I own, the Luco. Of the one´s I want, the batignolles horizontal
  7. I was under the same impression about the Saleya MM and the handles seemed pretty short last time I saw it in the boutique. I read in another thread that LV planned on releasing some Saleya MMs with longer straps (similar to the new Azur Saleya). Nevertheless, the Saleya GM and the Cabas Mezzo are still tied. Most of the SA's that I've talked to think that the Saleya is super classy, likely to last longer, and show signs of wear significantly less. I really like the classic monogram print though so I still don't know which one I'd be happier with long term.
  8. Rebecca:

    Do you think that the Mezzo is high maintenance? Do you go out of your way to be cautious with it?
  9. hmm i was going to say that it depends on how high maintenance you want to go, due to the mezzo's vachetta, but since you're taking it mostly to work, you probably don't have to worry much about setting it down on wet surfaces or something....though it is still something to consider. i personally love the saleyas, but i haven't seen the mezzo IRL and on pics i've seen on this forum, it looks HUGE!!! not sure if it'll look too much like luggage? lol..i remember someone posted that she got comments her saleya mm looked like luggage...
  10. I actually own the Batignolles Horizontal and it has become too small for my everyday needs (going to and from work) but it's fine on the weekend. I've seen the Mezzo in real life and tried it on and it didn't seem too big for me. I recognize the possibility that some will consider it luggage but that's ok. Someone once told me that my speedy 30 was huge and looked like luggage but that's ok. Some people just don't get it (lol).
  11. I'd go for the Saleya MM... the GM and the Cabas Mezzo are kind of too big to me.
  12. The Mezzo! As long as you you spray the bottom vachetta, it should be fine.
  13. If its for work the Mezzo would be more comfy b-cuz the handles are longer and flat.

    I stuff tons in mine and have no problems.

    The saleya is pretty but for functionality the mezzo is better in my opinion.
  14. I like the Cabas Mezzo.
  15. I have the Cabas Mezzo and I love it! I don't think it's too big for work or for shopping. It's nice to have the extra space to throw stuff in. And it's super comfy to carry.