Which shoulder bag? Came into some unexpected £££

  1. Hi everyone! Well as some of you know I had a car crash and im feeling pretty down so i want some retail therapy! Anyway, I looked at my account today and completley forgot about the scholarship money that I get from University... so i can something a little bigger than I was planning!:nuts: Here are my choices...

    1: Hampstead PM ~ Loved the size and look ~ Hated the opening
    2: Saleya PM (azur/ebene) ~Loved size, look and opening
    3:Petit Noe (mon)~ Love that i can get a bandeau and dress her up ~ Hate the fact it may draw attention to my hip area?
    4: Illovo PM ~ Love that its quite a petit bag and great price!
    5: Pochette Accessories ~ Great price, little bag good for nights out ~ Hate that it doesnt look V expensive
    6: Shirley mc ~ Love the look soo pretty ~ But i dont think it will fit my agenda in!
    7: EE luva I dont like any of those what about ...

    Sorry about the long post, can you tell im bored and in bed!:yes:
  2. I vote for Petit Noe (tip: leave it open, this way it won't look like this ---> /\ , therefore, it won't draw attention to your hip area).
  3. I really like the Saleya in Azur.
  4. I like petit noe too and i want one so bad.
  5. The Pochette
  6. I like the noe, but it sounds like you LOVE the Saleya!
  7. 2 votes for noe, 3 for saleya, thanks everyone!
    Need some more opinions please! xx
  8. Saleya! Either Azur or Ebene is pretty :yes:
  9. I like the saleya. I have never seen it IRL but it always seems to look FABULOUS on everyone who posts a picture of themselves wearing it.
  10. I like the Saleya too!
  11. I like the Saleya the best... good luck with your decision! ;)
  12. Saleya (I like the Azur better), but I also love the Petit Noe.
  13. Saleya first then the Hampstead PM second
  14. Another vote for the petit noe ... such a classic piece!
  15. I like the Saleya!

    Hope you are feeling better!