which should it be? luxury flap or sml reporter

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Which should I get?

  1. Bronze flap lux ligne

  2. Small Cambon Reporter

  3. Large Cambon Reporter

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  1. help me chanel beauties :yes:

    I have a chance to buy one chanel bag for this year and I have to decide which one.

    I am a newbie in terms of chanel so I need you girls to steer me to the right direction.

    First of all I have a 2.55 quilted in beige and a lux ligne bowler in silver.

    I am considering:

    A. A bronze flap bag from the lux ligne


    B. A Cambon reporter bag in Beige and Black (and whether to get a small or big)

    I am 5'2 on the thin side but I carry a lot on my bag.

    Hope you guys can help me.
  2. I think the lux flap is a fabulous bag. And I think it is a timeless style -- especially in that color.
  3. I love the flap from the Luxe ligne personally - great sytle and so wearable in that color! I don't like the Cambon line myself - the logo is too "in your face" for my style, and it's faked too much.
  4. Hmmm... I think the Ligne may fit your frame better.
  5. I say the bronze flap.
  6. Luxe Ligne Flap gets my vote
  7. Luxe Flap any day over the Cambon! :love:
  8. I definitely prefer the Luxe Flap, BUT you say you like to carry a lot and the Luxe Flap won't carry a lot.
    What about the Luxe Tote?
  9. thanks girls

    keep the votes coming in.

    Flap lux is winning by a landslide!!!:yes:
  10. Agree with Swanky about the Luxe flap not carrying a lot. I love mine, but have to be creative about how I pack it.

    The Luxe tote or bowler is a nice option. I love my Reporter (medium) but the small outside pockets don't hold a lot. I only use the inside.
  11. I prefer the flap.
  12. I love the luxury flap but agree with roey and swanky-you have to be a little creative in how you pack it...but...the bronze/khaki color is TDF!!!!!
  13. I'm in loooove with the Luxe Line, so I vote for the Luxe flap. :smile:
  14. agree with tweetie about the cambon, though the black-on-black ones are fine with me.
    i'd get the luxe flap (or tote if you do carry alot of stuff).
  15. I love the LUXE line - totally get something from the LUXE line...
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