Which should I sell--black day or purse??


Which should I sell??

  1. black purse

  2. black hobo

  3. other (let me know which one below!!)

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  1. Hi all,
    I have recently gone overboard and do have to sell a couple of my bags...
    I have the hobo in caramel, brown and black; the purse in black and grenat; and the city in ink. I really want a shopper and the white city but I have to sell one of the above to further fund the addiction.
    I am leaning toward selling one of my black bags since I have two in that color...so should it be the hobo or purse??
    Or would you suggest one of the other??:girlsigh:
  2. Hmmm........what colour shopper are you after? I think you should sell one of your black bags - purse or day/hobo. I vote for the purse as I really love the day.
  3. Can you sell the Day and the Purse in Black, and then get a Black Shopping? Since you have multiples in each style, you could fund both the City and Shopping purchases. I vote that you should sell both, and then buy the two that you want.
  4. i would say sell the black day! i so love the purse style
  5. I'd sell the black purse. I prefer the day style over the purse!!
  6. I say sell the black day because you also have a brown day. While they are not the same color, they are both dark colors.
  7. sell the purse... I LOVE the day!!!
  8. i'd sell the day bc i like the purse style more.
  9. I thinking the same thing...sell the black day since you already have a brown day.
  10. I say the day bag.
  11. Thanks all for your advice...the black day is looking like it might be a goner!
  12. It depends on whether black is your staple bag color. I noticed you list day in caramel and brown. So you have 2 in the brown family and 2 in the black family. For me, I love black so I do the following:

    hobo in caramel, brown and black (sell brown or black as they're both dark)
    purse in grenat (sell black purse)
    city in ink
    buy white city
    buy black shopper
  13. Hmmmn...this sounds interesting...I think I'd change one thing-- sell the brown hobo and the black and keep the black purse...
    then the collection includes
    purse --black and grenat
    city in ink and buy white
    shopper buy in black

    I do use black alot but probably wouldn't need two big bags (hobo and shopper). What do you think?

    And then i think I need an eggplant anything bigger than a first! I am so disappointed that the eggplant twiggy on ebay is fake:sad: .

    I feel like I'm playing chess!
  14. I would say sell the Day bag to me! Haha.

    Seriously, the Day bag because you have 2 other ones whereas you only have one other one with the purse.
  15. macp6--you're brilliant! ITA!!!:yes: