Which should I Purchase?

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which One should I purchase???

  1. white/orange halloween keychain

  2. brown/green halloween keychain

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. looking for anyones opinion!
  2. There's a Brown/Green Halloween keychain ? :confused1:
  3. I posted this on another thread. I have the brown/green one arriving from my SA on Tuesday. I will post a pic of it just as soon as I unwrap it.
  4. Brown/Green? Hmm don't saw this one, but i can't immagine they are cuter then the white/orange :yes:
  5. Agreed. Brown & Green sounds abit "ugly" :angel: but I guess I'll have to see it. The White and Orange were adorable ! :love:
  6. Oh they aren't ugly at all. I tried them with the damier, monogram and mini monogram and they looked stunning. very rich and classy looking. You have to see it to believe it. Can't wait until Tuesday!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  7. I said white/orange since, to me, those colors are more Halloween than the others.
  8. I voted the orange because I think it's a bit more halloween-y. BUT I think the brown/green are nice fall colors.
  9. Pics :confused1:
  10. Amamxr post pics when you get it. I'm really curious to see them in this color :yes:
  11. Yea, I wish there's pix... :P
  12. Brown & Green...the colours clash and it just doesn't work IMO :s , I prefer the white/orange :yes:
  13. Thansk for all your advice. I called my SA today and I have the orange and white one being shipped out! I hope I love it. I really never did see any photos of the brown/green color but I thought that the orange and white was just adorable! Happy Halloween
  14. white/orange.
  15. i also vote for white/orange.
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