Which should I purchase?

  1. I have recently gotten my 19 year old sister hooked on Louis Vuitton. Last Christmas I purchased both a Monogram Speedy and a Monogram Groom wallet in red. This year I think she expects another LV gift, but I really am not thrilled with anything I have seen!

    What are on your wish lists that you think would be desirable for her this Christmas?
  2. i think its best that she pick the one she likes herself :yes:
  3. Either a gift card or a sister's shopping trip!
  4. I think she will get something great for you.
  5. A damier azur mini-pochette
  6. ^^^ I agree. :yes:

    Maybe you can take her to the LV Boutique/Store and tell her "Pick your Christmas present!"

    That way she can get something she really likes.

    By the way, your so sweet to be buy your sister LVs.

    She is very lucky to have a brother like you in her life.
  7. i dont think you can go wrong with anything in vernis for a young girl.
  8. How about some inclusion stuff? The new grey color is coming out....that would be pretty in a bracelet and different than a bag.
  9. I agree ... that's how my teenage daughter likes her gifts from her older brothers, and from us too.
  10. Take her to the boutique and have her pick something. She'll get the in-store experience.. she'll love it!
  11. I think a gift card to LV is the best way to go!
  12. If you want to surprise her, maybe a gift certificate? Do you know what kind of styles she likes? Like monogram, damier, azur, etc. There are so many options, it also depends on your budget too. Maybe a pochette or mini pochette!
  13. I bet she'd die for a monogram mirage speedy! (I know I would haha)