Which should I purchase???

  1. Hello EVERYONE!!!
    Which should I purchase, the Batigonlles Horizontal or the new Neverful??? I just cant decide and I wanted to purchase it tomorrow. Any suggestion or opinions will be greatly appreciated!!!:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  2. BH.

    I dont care for the Neverful.
  3. Bh!
  4. My votes goes to BH. Wait to get the neverfull in damier.
  5. Bh, It's straps I find are more comfortable and it has a cell holder.
  6. BH....hands down.
  7. Bh!
  8. Absolutely the BH, without question.
  9. I prefer BH...
  10. BH, more structured and looks more...uhh...nice.
  11. I perfer Neverfull as it is lighter and I love the inside lining, I tried to wear inside out too~
  12. Bh
  13. I say the bh. I think the neverfull is cute, but I don't like the narrow spaghetti straps. My bh has never given me any problems whatsoever.
  14. I agree!
  15. BH :smile: i'm not a fan of the neverfull.