Which should I pick? Mayfair in Black or Teal?

  1. I really like both but I'm wondering if Teal is versatility enough for me? I wear lots of blue, purple, grey, and white. I haven't seen them both IRL yet but I heard the Teal is not as light as the pic below. Is that true? Has anyone seen them both. Which would you pic?

    Here are pics:



    Would anyone have accurate IRL pics of the Teal?
  2. I have the Teal Zip Clutch and love the color and the contrast of the blue stitching. It's so much prettier than just plain black - My vote is for Teal
  3. Teal!
  4. teal! love that color. it works so well in the Mayfair!
  5. Altho I love love the Teal color, I would personally pick black as a no brainer (for versatility).
  6. both are gorgeous. i really like that purse the more i see it. i vote for black but it all depends on which you think you'll wear more.
  7. I'm not even sure if they have any teal mayfairs available anywhere besides eBay
  8. I vote for black, I think it is more classic looking.
  9. I love both colors but I vote for black. It just looks so classssy :smile:
  10. teal! the gold hardware compliments the teal color so well :biggrin:
  11. While I like both I prefer the black. Somehow for that style I just like it more.
  12. I think the black because it is so classic. I see it really making an outfit look especially sharp.
  13. I would choose black. I think I saw the teal once at bloomingdales, it's not really a blue/green teal, but more on the green side.
  14. teal!!!!! this bag is gorgeous in the teal and really makes the mix quilting stand out and makes the bag special, imho. i don't wear a lot of colors and i wasn't totally sure about the teal (i was searching for grey) but now that i have her in teal- it's really beautiful and much more versatile than you would think. i think for going out, since i wear a lot of neutral colors (black, gray, tan, white) that the teal adds the perfect pop to my outfits.

    i also think the black is really nice- but i think it lacks a little bit of the freshness the teal brings.

    good luck with your decision! they are both beautiful bags!
  15. Teal!