Which should I keep?

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Which Do I keep?

  1. Keep Rouge H

  2. Keep Etain

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Both bags are Birkin 3o, Clemence leather, and PHW

    Which will I 'love more'
    Rouge H with contrast stitching
  2. Didn't you just get the rouge h as a replacement for a skunk bag?
  3. Your question is which u will love more. No one can answer that but you.
  4. Why can't you keep both?
  5. Rouge H of course!!
  6. Etain
  7. Both sound gorgeous, but Etain may be more versatile since it goes with everything year round. Also rouge h with contrast stitching sounds more casual
  8. Why don't you show us a photo of you carrying both, one in each arm?
  9. Yes, I did!!!
    However, my SA just offered me an Etain bag which I am picking up as soon as April 15th passes. I am wondering if I would get more use out of an Etain bag? I don't think I can keep them both.
  10. Not a good time to splurge.
  11. I'm definitely more casual. so.....
  12. If only one
    Etain my answer
  13. Etain had my vote.
  14. Etain dear
  15. Etain!
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