Which should I keep?

  1. Don't ask me how I ended up with both today..:graucho: But since I decided I'm going to get that zip clutch, I only want to keep one of them.. which do you prefer? Sorry for all of these questions!! I'm horrible when it comes down to choices!
    both mj.jpg
  2. I prefer the one on the right - kind of a quilted pattern.
  3. Thanks swanky!
    I just want to add that the left one has the keychain that sticks out for your keys to dangle out vs. the right where the keychain wont reach outside so you'll have to keep it inside.

    And the left can just carry a phone, but the right is too stiff to carry it, but the second has the quilting pattern.
  4. They're both pretty. I'm horrible at making decision too. I know what you're talking about so I probably won't be a big help at all :nuts:. I've been wanting to get a coin purse myself since it has a key chain and I can put my keys, but I think it will be quite a hassle if I do put all my keys on it. The left one has more casual feelings and the right one (quilted) is cuter. I think I might go with the quilted one.
  5. Dang, they're both really nice. I think I like the quilted one better though.
  6. Hmm.. which zip clutch are you going to get? I would keep which ever one matched, quilted vs smooth calf.
  7. I like the one on the left because it lets you grip the solid leather on one side, while letting the embellishments show at the edge you're not gripping.
  8. 1 vote for quilted :yes:
  9. I'm not sure actually! I would like the quilted but maybe I should opt for the calf? I'm not sure about that either! I would either go for the whiskey, or midnight most likely.
  10. Or maybe the purple..
  11. I saw both of these styles in real life, I prefer the Soft Calf one. =)
  12. I like both..So whatever you choose is pretty!
  13. I like the 2nd one...
  14. i prefer the quilted one.......
  15. I like them both but if you have to keep one i would pick the quilted one.