Which should I keep? See Model pics - City vs First


Which style is a KEEPER? GH City or RH First

  1. Vert Gazon GH City

  2. Vert Gazon RH First

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  1. Here's the follow up from my last week's post - http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/vert-gazon-first-take-a-look-model-pics-118512.html#post2394664. I first ordered the FIRST, but then I thought that it may be too small, so now I just received my GH City. Here are some pics of me modeling the GH City and the First. Please help me decide which one I should keep and which one I should return. If you notice, they are both in Vert Gazon color because this color is TDF, so I would keep only one of them. Please place your VOTE :yes: even if you don't make a comment, but I would greatly appreciate everyone's comments, nice or not. Thanks!:cutesy:

    Here's me with the City:


    Here's me with the First from my previous post last week:

  2. I think the GH City looks AWESOME on you and I don't even like GH so that says something! Good Luck with your pick!
  3. I vote for first. It's so pretty. Even I want one.
  4. Ooo, I can see why you're having a tough time deciding. Both are beeeautiful but I think the GH is truly stunning. Besides, if you're already concerned about the size of the First....

    I need to figure out how to vote and post a reply at the same time. Hope this doesn't end up as a double post.
  5. city all the way
  6. You look great with both bags, but the city with GH really looks magnificant!!
  7. WOW they both look great on you. I can't decide which I like better. The City with GH is heavy but it looks great. If you want a dressier bag, keep the City. If not, keep the First or keep the one with the best color and leather. :idea:
  8. I vote giant. As everyone has already said above - it looks GREAT on you!
  9. The City.....it just seems more YOU-ish! KWIM? Tres glam! And IMO, I think the GH looks just as great with jeans as it does with fishnets and a pencil skirt! The First is beautiful too, but may not be quite as practical since you can't put too many things inside.
  10. They both look great on you but I vote for the City.
  11. ^^ keep the city & give the first to me (lol!!!) :roflmfao::wlae::heart:
  12. I voted for the GH City, funny.... I never warmed up to the GH, they just looks like giant timbles.... but I really like it on this one and you wear it beautifully :yes:. Keep the City!!!
  13. City! :yes:
  14. CITY :wlae:
  15. Giant City gets my vote too!