Which should I keep...help?

  1. I bought the new Madeline Tote today at the coach store. I am loving her!!! :tup:

    My accessories don't have to match my bag but I kind of like them to match each other. I currently only have one wallet / set of accessories.
    I currently have a LV Mono: wallet, change purse, iphone case, key case, wristlet, cosmetic case, and passport case. I recently bought a small LV change purse that can be used as a wallet in a small purse.

    I do own a coach red patent wristlet and mini skinny...

    Today I bought the coach turn lock slim wallet in black signature ($171 with PCE) and the Large Wristlet Tote ($118 with PCE). I figured the large wristlet could be used for my cosmetics etc... in my bag or as a small clutch (it's kind of big).

    I then hit Nordstroms and they had a L.A.M.B speedy style bag in red (patent handles and trim), khaki, and black marked down to $270 from around $500 and the matching wallet which was marked down to nothing.

    Sigh...ok something has to go...which do I keep???

    1. Coach Wallet and Wristlet
    2. L.A.M.B Bag (no new accessories)
    3. L.A.M.B and Wristlet
    4. Return EVERYTHING except the Wristlet...I really like it.

    I LOVE my LV accessories and can use them in my Coach bag but I thought it might be fun to have a coach wallet too. I think I am leaning towards returning the L.A.M.B.
    I love the speedy style bag but I think the fact that its patterned makes it less practical.

    I promise to post a pic of all my stuff after new years!!!
  2. I won't be of much help because I'm totally a Coach girl! I'd keep all the LV because you can use it with anything and I'd keep the Coach because I love Coach! I'd take back the L.A.M.B. bag and wallet. But you have to live with your choice so maybe lay it out on your bed and decide what you can or cannot live without.
  3. Thats where I am heading...keeping the L.A.M.B. Its a cool bag but I am loving my Coachies these days....