Which should I keep? All or none?

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  1. I just purchased the Truffle GH Brief and Marine RH Work. Not sure I’m crazy about either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with different aspects of the bags but not “CRAZY in LOVE” kwim? HELP :Push:

    The GH seems really dressy to me. Is it too much bling with jeans and flip-flops? The leather on this is TDF, thick and smooshy. What should I do?

    The Marine Work is practical… I would’ve been happier with a City but I had a hard time finding one. Should I keep looking?

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  2. I always say if you are not really loving your bag then you should not keep it.:tup: These bags are expensive and you really have to like them to keep them otherwise there is no point of buying them. Just wait till you see the new Fall colors.:heart:
  3. I totally agree with Nanaz. Return or sell these bags and keep looking. These bags cost way too much to be iffy about them. That being said, I like my Cornflower bag, but I don't love it! So, I'm not taking my own advice. But since I can't get a FB first, Cornflower is my second favorite blue, and I've really gotten to like it. So, you could wait to see if either of these bags grow on you, but I wouldn't definitely keep both of them if I were you.
  4. I totally agree Nanaz speaks wise words!:heart:
  5. If u don't really either one, my suggest is to sell them or keep lookin for something that u really like instead letting them as it tends to sit at one of ur closet...i rather u sell it to another mummy who appreciates them more.......:smile:
  6. I :heart: the Marine Work!! But if you're feeling either of them... I have to agree with everyone else, trade them in for something you'll get more use out of!

    I don't know how long you've had them - but you may give them a week or two around your house (if you have that much time, depending on what kind fo return policy they have)... and just try them out to see what you think. Sometimes it takes me a while to fall in love with a bag & to figure out if its for me or not! :smile:
  7. I couldn't agree more. If you don't love them, keep looking. This is way too much money to hang onto something you feel so-so about!
  8. No one wants to talk me into any of the bags :confused1: :graucho:
  9. Keep looking. I'm not thrilled by either bags. I suppose if you got a vibrant color, you'd be happy happy at this point.
  10. it's a lot of money, if you don't love it, sell it and get something that you totally love. good luck
  11. i prefer the marine.
  12. I love THE truffle! It does seem to be dressy though for jeans and such! It you'd rather a city, then be patient! New stuff coming!!!
  13. they're both great bags - I have the brief gh in truffle and wear it dressy and casual. but you have to be happy.
  14. Hi there!! I love the Marine!! :heart::drool:
  15. If you want a Marine City, I believe Barneys Seattle still has one. I agree with everybody else; if you're really not loving either then they should go back.

    They're both beautiful bags, and I don't see any problem with wearing GH with your jeans and flip-flops, however. :yes: Best of luck deciding!