Which should I get? :)

Sep 23, 2009
Help :smile: Bag dilemma! I've been saving for a black bag with gold hardware in a slightly larger size (most of my bags are minis - I have joint issues and can't carry heavy bags - but I want the option to be able to use something slightly bigger occasionally). I've been thinking about a classic medium flap for ages (kicking myself I didn't buy it a year ago when it was a £1000 cheaper - it's now around £4000 - eek - and I'm scared it's going to keep going up and I will definitely not buy one if I don't get one soon and it goes much higher.)

However I've fallen in love with the coco handle mini size (yes I know it's mini size ;) but it's bigger than the rectangular and square and holds about the same as the medium flap) in black and I have a chance to get one but need to decide tonight otherwise it will go. Should I go with the classic flap or should I get the coco handle? I keep going backwards and forwards and don't know what to do!!!

Is the coco too much of a trend bag or do you think it will hold its appeal? I love that you can place it over your arm too, but I also love the look of the classic flap. I'm scared the hardware on the coco is matte gold which may not wear well but it looks so good. Should I go with the coco handle and maybe think about a preloved classic flap sometime in the future or give the coco a miss and buy the classic at some point?....:heart: I wasn't planning on buying so soon as I've bought a couple of other bags recently but the coco mini has come up and it's kind of now or never.... Thank you for your thoughts - I've got no bag addict friends to give me advice and I keep going between both so would love to hear you opinions :smile: :heart:
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Feb 5, 2014
Hi! I'm not planning to purchase either, but my thoughts are if you've been planning for the medium flap, it means you will have to save from scratch again if you decide on the coco handle. So pragmatically speaking, I'd just stick to my goals and keep the medium flap in sight!
Dec 7, 2008
I agree with bklner2014, the if you get the coco handle I suspect that you will continue to chase the classic flap. The classic flap may be the bag for you that "always keeps getting away," if you get the coco handle instead.

Right now, it appears that the coco handle is a distractor but focus on your bag goals.

Keep us updated:smile:
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Apr 24, 2009
I would get that classic flap that you have been dreaming. Its a classic, & you cant go wrong with a classic :smile:. Plus you can consider pre-owned ones too as they are priced lower (depends on condition & age of bag), but make sure to get them authenticated.

Coco handle is pretty & its very 'in' bag now, but you are unsure of the hardware it seems. Its better for you to wait for the right combination that you would love. Also, i prefer the normal shiny hardware as ive seen bags with matte hardwares tends to loose its 'matte' after some time from use.
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