which should i get

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which necklace should i get from tiffany

  1. silver beads

  2. EP open heart

  3. heart Y necklace

  4. something else

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i m deciding btwn 3 tiffany necklaces to get on my trip to NYC
  2. I vote for the Open Heart. Something you can wear everyday and looks great whether you are at work or going out. :smile:
    Its also recognisably tiffanys without having the branding splashed all over it.
    And Elsa Peretti is a genius.
  3. I agree with the open heart. It's such a classic piece without being loud. Also, you could eventually add other open hearts to it to make a little charm style necklace.
  4. I'd pick the silver beads as I view it as the most classic and elegant of the three.
  5. i like the silver beads.
  6. open heart
  7. I voted for "something else". They have a huge selection, once you get there something you never considered may be right there waiting for you. I also have a personal feeling that heart jewelry should be given to me by someone rather than me buying it for myself.
  8. Ditto to this.

    You really ought to get whichever jumps out at you and stands above the others. Look at the items when you shop and when yhou see the one you want, you'll know.
  9. PS- whatever you get,wear it in good health and enjoy!
  10. I'm thinking open heart now but I already own the heart tag necklace is that too much
  11. ^^ no, never. one can never have too many hearts in their collection, i.e. i just had a tPFer friend point out to me recently that my T&Co. collection has A LOT of hearts in it and i never realized that....
  12. Beads!!! More classic and you can wear it for years to come. EP for Tiffany just feels like high school girls to me.
  13. I tend to think that necklaces "pick the neck" -- in other words, when you try them on, you'll see which one really suits you. I hope you have a fun trip, the 5th Ave Tiffany's is really a grand place!
  14. I voted for the open heart. I love this necklace! It goes great with everything from casual bum around the house to an evening out. It is overwhelming walking in there to purchase...there`s so much gorgeous stuff!!