Which should I get?

  1. I'm actually saving and planning to get some LV stuffs by the end of the year (preferably sooner as this forum is making my list grow day by day..! lol :lol: ) I am considering a few LV pieces and think that it's better to wait till end of the year as I heard that there will be launch of some new lines and stuffs...

    However, recently I went to the Dior boutique to ask if they sell additional strap for my Girly Pink pouch as I never get much use from the pouch and hoping that by getting an additional strap, it won't have to sit in my closet, not getting used at all. It's been there for more than a year and I only manage to use it once as a clutch for special occasion... Such a shame as I really love it and it's so pretty... :love:

    Anyway, the Dior SA told me that no, they won't have straps available for the Girly Pink range as they are going to discontinued the line (if not already)... :sad: And as I was walking out of the boutique, the SA showed me a couple of the leftover Girly Pink bags (two sling bags and a wrislet) and told me that they are having it on 40% off..! I must say, that's pretty tempting..! :shame: The Girly Pink line was one of my favourite from the Dior range, I used to love the Boston Bag so much but ended up didn't get it when it first launch as I was afraid that it's hard to take care and the white flowers will turn yellowish... :shame: But I was so crazy and need to get something from the line thus I've gotten the pouch instead...

    So my lovely PFers, any opinions here? Should I get the 40% off Dior sling bag or forget about it and concentrate on my LV fund? :P Any opinions will be be very much appreciated... This has been bothering me for this few days..! :Push:

    p.s- Not sure if I should post this here or in the Dior thread but somehow I feel more at home here plus the Dior thread is kinda slow compared to the LV thread. Mods, feel free to move this to the relevant section. Thanks... :smile:
  2. Oh, by the way, this is my LV wishlist at the moment:
    -Cerises speedy
    -an agenda
    -a cles
    -a business card holder
    -something from the vernis line

    I'm also eyeing the damier azure but prefer to wait till I see it IRL before deciding. :P
  3. hey louis lover, i buy of stuff that is on sale. I ussualy regret is afterwards because i didn't really like it as much is something i saw that wasn't on sale.... i hope you understand what i mean. I think you should buy the thing you love the most
  4. Oh, thanks Sabine, I totally get what you mean... I didn't want to buy it on impulse, that's why I didn't get it on the spot (however much I was actually tempted to :P) and thought of giving myself a few days to think over it... If I went home and totally forgot about that, I wouldn't be posting this thread... LOL :lol: But it's been few days and still bothering me... :Push:

    Should I get it? Should I forget about it? *sigh...* :hysteric:
  5. What does the Dior Girly Sling bag look like? I love the way the Boston looks. I was bummed to miss out on the big sale they had before.

    I do really really want a Cerises Speedy, though. I think it soooo cute!:tender:I'm so sad to have missed out in it. If you can get one, I would go for it.
  6. Bah..I got some bags from the Girly line but was REALLY annoyed when they went on sale.
    That kind of made me not want anymore and that's why I tend to stick to LV.
    But if I were you and you REALLY wanted that Dior bag, go for it! I guarantee you you'll regret it if you don't, especially at 40% off.
  7. The sling bag is a medium sized, square sporty type with a number on it. I love love love the Boston bag too..! :love: But the flowers seem so hard to take care and it's gonna be so sad seeing them turn yellow...

    Yea, I love the cerises speedy and still looking for one. My only option is ebay but I never bought anything from ebay before, so gotta be really careful. It's gonna take me a while as I need to research well and hopefully don't end up with a fake... :Push: I saw some nice authentic ones but too bad it's way off my budget... :shame:
  8. LOL... I know exactly how you feel..! :yes: I had my eyes set on the Boston bag when it's first out and didn't buy it coz of the flowers. They are only gorgeous when they are white. :P If I had gotten it then and saw them on discount, I'm gonna be so :rant: ..!

    Yea, 40% off sounds so tempting... :P Which bags do you have from the Girly Pink range? Is it hard to take care and easy to get dirty? Do you think it's durable?
  9. Lol. The pictures are in my picture thread in my signature. I have the Boston, a shoulder bag which I can't remember the name of for the life me, and the billfold wallet.
    My friend also had the Boston and she carried it while wearing black pants and her pants dyed the back of the bag..it never fully came out. The bags are super easy to get dirty which I hate because I LOVE the bags! I use the wallet more and surprisingly, it's held up nicely! There are a couple of tiny spots but nothing you could see unless you were purposely looking for them. So for durability, I'd give them about a 5 out of 10..you really have to think about where you're going and what you're wearing so your bag doesn't get dyed.
    BUT they're just so darn cute and at 40% off...I'd jump on that one QUICK!! Just don't make it your everyday bag and you'll be fine!:yes:
  10. Wow, you have such gorgeous collection..! Most of the bags are what I'm dying to have..! :shame: If you don't mind me asking, how much are your chanel bags? I never had a Chanel before and I'm eyeing a small sling bag, something of that range like yours...

    The Girly sling bag on sale is the ones without flowers, I think that will be easier to take care? :P By the way, your Dior bags are the ones with fabric or coated canvas? Yea, I think I'll need to call the SA tomorrow and see if they are still available. I don't want to feel like kicking myself in the future when I'm dying to have a pink bag... Pink is one of my favourite colors anyway... :love:
  11. cerises speedy!!! i have one and looooovveee it!
    i always think dior's too girly and pinky too :P
  12. Yes, I absolutely KNOW how cute is cerises speedy..! :girlsigh: :love:

    LOL... I don't mind getting girly and pinky every now and then... :love: :shame:
  13. :P
    good luck on whatever u decide to have, i know the feeling, i'm always torn between bags too. :heart:
    i still remembered how bad u wanted a cerises speedy some times ago...
  14. Aww thanks!
    My Chanels all varied in price, from $525 for the Valentine heart hobo to $2795 (at the time) for my Cambon multipocket reporter..which one were you wondering about?
    And the Girly's were just fabric, unfortunately..they SHOULD have been coated but I guess they felt it'd detract from the look.
    Oh and I definitely think it'll be easier without the flowers. Mine haven't yellowed fortunately, they just collect dust sometimes in the folds lol.
  15. Oh, I'm STILL very much wanted the cerises speedy... I think I can never get over it if I didn't just get one... :shame: LOL

    But I still haven't come across one that is in great condition yet within my budget... Guess I'm just asking too much... :shame: Gotta save save and save and get one by end of this year..! :P Thanks for wishing me good luck, I really need that a lot ... LOL