Which Should I get?

  1. My SA called me and told me that they just received a shipment of Trish and Hudson (as well as a Chloe Edith). I don't know which one to get...can you help me? :crybaby:
  2. I had a hard time choosing between the Trish and Hudson also, but I just liked the shape and look of the Hudson more. :yes: So, you know what I'm gonna say :lol: - HUDSON
  3. Out of the 3, I have only seen Edith IRL. I haven't been to Nordies SCP these days so I don't know how I would feel about Trish & Hudson. From members' pictures here, I like Hudson the most. For a smaller bag, I prefer Zip Bowler over Trish.

    If possible, you should try them all on you to see which one would suit you most. How fun & exciting!!! Keep us updated. =)
  4. I love the Hudson!

    I saw quite a few of them today at Nordstroms in Tysons elongreach!

    What color combinations are you thinking about?
  5. I'm going tomorrow to try them out.
  6. I'm not sure. :shrugs: I don't know which ones they have at my Nordies. She left a quick message telling me they got them in and she knew I wanted one.
  7. Fun fun fun. =) I plan to stop by Nordies SCP to see if any new bags have arrived. If there isn't much selection, I will hit NM Fashion Island afterwards. Maybe, I should leave all CCs at home. LOL. =)
  8. That's what I've started doing. I always feel pressured to buy something at the store after spending all this time with the SA, so now I just keep all my cards at home and if I really like something and keep thinking about it, I buy it later.
  9. elongreach - I saw the chili color, the all black color, and some sort of tannish color combination.

    They also had the Trish in the chili color...the Trish bag, although cute, is very large...a lot larger than I thought it would be or looks in pictures.
  10. I was thinking about the black color because the black had the tan stripes and I thought that was a nice contrast.
  11. trish!! I love that bag, its different that alot of the other new ones.
  12. would u mind if i say edith? :P
  13. I had the Edith and didnt find it very easy to carry compared to other bags..I love my Hudson..its the perfect size for my lifestyle..
  14. Like the Chili Hudson.
  15. Ok, I just got back from Nordies and I found a bag that I love. I decided on the Hudson. I liked the Trish in Chili, however, I felt it was too close in shape to my Balenciaga Twiggy so I passed on that. So my SA is holding a Hudson for me in a color I can't remember at this time. It's not Chili or Chestnut or Black. It's a really dark brown (really close to black) with tan colored stripes. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow.