Which should i get?

  1. Looking at my collection(link in sig.) which of the following is more necessary for me? I really cant decide...

    Brazza Wallet
    or Suhali Compact Zipped Wallet?
  2. Maybe a Suhali wallet because I didn't see any Suhali pieces?

    I love your collection by the way. I don't think you really *need* anything ;)
  3. i think a keepall is a must have in any collection.
  4. I love the Keepall.
  5. I really like the brazza wallet
  6. I'd go with the Suhali wallet, unless you travel frequently and need a travel bag. In that case I'd go with the Keepall.
  7. I say the Suhali. :heart:
  8. Suhali all the way...
  9. Suhali!
  10. Suhali. I love suhali leather so much.
  11. agreed
  12. Thanks everyone! Please keep the advice coming
  13. My SA told me that LV will be offering Keepalls with personalised monogram's just like the ones you get on the hard case luggage. So if you want a keepall I would wait to see if you could have that done? Thats if you like it of course?
  14. Keepall for sure. I think every LV collection needs at least one keepall.
  15. my collection does have the damier azur keepall...