Which should I get?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have thinking about getting an agenda, but I'm not sure how often I will be using it. I have been looking at the pomme vernis agenda, and the classic monogram as well. I work in a very corporate environment, so I am afraid a brightly colored agenda might be too "girlish." I don't know what to do! For those of you that do have agendas, how often do you use it, and does anyone use it for work?

    Thanks everyone in advance!
  2. I'm gonna get the pomme in France in a month! So that's just me, I think it could dress up any bag :smile:
  3. I think as long as ur attitude isnt "girlish"...aka no, OH MY GODS LIKE TOTTALLY's...you'll be fine in whatever u choose!
  4. i have the framboise and use it every day. i really love it. sooooo pretty!
  5. There is no such thing as too girlish! Your apprehension about being too girly suggests that you dress very neutral and professional at work. I think an agenda would be a wonderful pop to bring in some color and fun! It's definitely not too over the top, I think it's perfect!
  6. i would choose the pomme agenda. :yes:
  7. Pomme is very nice.
  8. the pomme agenda is cute
  9. I also have the framboise vernis and I love it and use it every day, multiple times a day. Its so handy for keeping dates and phone numbers and various lists (shopping, To Do, Birthdays, work hours, etc...). I totally recommend it, and its LV so its not girly, its sophisticated! =)
  10. I have the Indigo agenda and I love love love it! :love: And I think you should go for what you like better, and not not buy something because of others :yes: I would chose the Pomme, it's beautiful and classy, not girly at all!
  11. I think it's appropriate for work. As long as your dress is professional, using accessories to spice things up would be fine!
  12. I have a mono agenda, but I will probably buy a Vernis one also LOL. I love it so much. I use it all the time. I'm a dance teacher, so I don't really use it for work, but I write down all of my private lesson times and such in it. I use it everyday... even if I don't "need" to use it. Just because I love it!
  13. I'd get the pomme. The mono would be nice, but pomme is such a beautiful color! Really, no one should care what your agenda looks like, as long as you work hard and everything & are not staring at it all day! lol! :drool: You'd probably get a lot of compliments too!
  14. I say get it! It's not too girly or flashy!
    I think I'm going to get an Amarante one!
  15. I think the pomme looks classy and should be fine to take to your work.
    I even use a MC agenda ( see avatar pic) for my office one and everyone loves it.