Which should I get????

  1. HI~
    I'm stuck between two bags, the Hamptons stripe multi-function tote or the Hamptons pebbled leather carry-all? They are both at the outlets. Which do you think is better?


    BUT I would get them at the Outlet. Which one should I get???
  2. I would say the pebbled leather carry-all! It's an absolutely gorgeous bag that will last a very long time and only gets prettier with age! :nod: :drool: :love: I want one!
  3. I agree hamptons pebbled leather carry all.
  4. Ok, if I get the carry-all. What color would you get? I think it comes in blue, green, black, khaki...... are there more colors I'm missing?
  5. I agree as well. Get the Hamptons Carryall. Great colour and the all leather bag is going to wear better.
  6. i'd go for the hamptons carryall in that lovely green color :smile:
    unless you think you might get sick of it after a while ? then I'd say get blue
  7. The carry all in blue would be really cute.

  8. Personally I love the green, but the black is extremely versatile. The khaki dirties easily.
  9. Definitely the carryall...I would probably do either black or blue....
  10. I agree with the majority here....the Hampton Carry-All. As for color, which color do you like the best? or what color scheme do you have in your closet? That always helps me narrow my field of choices...although, you can never go wrong with black. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  11. i agree with everyone else. the carry all in black or blue would be really pretty. green's hard to match IMO, and khaki might be difficult to maintain.

    the striped one is good for the spring/summer, but if I was buying it, I'd probably get tired of it in a month or two
  12. I like the pebbled leather and I think the green is a great color.
  13. that stripe thing was on sale at the outlets.. forgot how much
  14. carryall in black.
  15. I like the carryall the best!