Which should I get?

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  1. At the boutique torn on which to get- Speedy 25 or alma bb in Rose Ballerine

  2. That’s a difficult decision. I have both (alma in noir though) and love them both. The speedy is very practical size wise but that rb alma just stands out with your outfit. It depends on how much you’ll be carrying. Speedy is just more practical as I’ve said. But alma bb is a great little bag for quick errands and evenings. So I guess my vote is for Speedy.
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  3. I am going to have to say the speedy. :smile:

    I have the speedy 25 in DE, along with the Alma bb in DE. I find myself using the speedy more.

    Good luck.
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  4. Speedy. The Alma looks tiny on you.
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  5. Another vote for Speedy
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  6. My all time LV favorite is the Epi Alma, but in PM. My vote is for the Speedy.
  7. Speedy :smile:
  8. Even more indecisive IMG_1737.JPG
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  9. Apparently you are more partial to the Alma bb so I would just go for it.

    Is that orange or red? If red, I say yes; if it’s orange, I like the pink better.

    But remember, only you can decide which color to get.

    Good luck.
  10. Both great, practical bags! If you don’t want your bag to eventually develop patina, go for the Alma!
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  11. Speedy looks good with your outfit and frame.
  12. I never considered the pink Alma BB but now seeing your picture it really looks lovely!
    I´d have a difficult time too choosing, because I have been wanting the Speedy 25 DA for ages and still don´t have it. However the Alma is my favorite bag. Hmmmm....I think I´d choose the Speedy :smile: .
  13. Speedy
  14. I like the Speedy on you and if you want an Alma, I suggest an Alma PM.
  15. speedy
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