Which should I get?

  1. Sorry ahead of time! I know there have been a lot of these posts lately, but I would love to get your opinions on my problem.

    I need a new tote bag for Spring that will go with most things. I only have enough money for 1 tote now and then in a couple weeks I will be able to buy another new bag. :graucho:

    So I am trying to decide between the Signature Stripe tote in white or the Scribble tote. I think the Signature Stripe might go with more, but I just love the Scribble! I know they really aren't similar bags and I probably could just get both but, unfortunately I can't right now. I'm so torn!

    :shrugs: What do I do ladies?
  2. the sig stripe is much cuter for me
  3. Between those two, I'd do the stripe - I think in the long run, it'll take you further.
  4. I actually think the scribble is really cute, but I think you are right in that the signature stripe would go with more things. I say go for the signature stripe.

    (then buy the scribble in a couple weeks when you have more $ ;) )
  5. I prefer Signature Stripe. But if you can just get one, try and picture which one you would rather carry and how it will go with your wardrobe.
    Good luck!
  6. sig stripe!
  7. i say the sig stripe bag.
    then get the scribble in a wristlet or a minnie skinny.......:yes:
  8. Thanks for the advice! I think I will go for the signature stripe, it seems more practical. I think I'm just drawn to the scribble because of the pretty bright colors.
  9. Signature stripe
  10. sig stripe def.
  11. I think they're both awesome, but I agree with the other ladies. I'd go with the Sig Stripe. I feel as though the Scribble has a time limit (such as summer months and whatnot). Go with what you really like, though.
  12. Thanks again for your input! I knew the signature stripe was the more practical choice. Just wanted to let everyone know I ordered it, but I thought I should get an accessory to make it more exciting so I got the patent coin purse with it! I'm pretty excited!:yahoo:
  13. ditto!
  14. awesome! which color did you get? do post some pics when you get them.
  15. definately the sig stripe!