which should i get tomorrow?

  1. pretty sure i'm gonna end up coming home with an azur agenda although not 100% positive, but thinking i may come home with a cles too. i want to put it on my car keyring, so i'm not sure if azur would be such a great idea for the cles since it will probably be thrown around (afraid it will get dirty), but what do you all think? damier cles, mono cles (ehhh not sure) or azur cles? or maybe a different cles? lol. i honestly don't know what i'm going to buy tomorrow, so i'm a bit excited as i always walk in there knowing what i want!!! lol. i could come home with something totally different than all the things i just mentioned, and that's exciting to me! lol.
  2. Azur cles! It will be cute with the other azur stuffs that you have already!
  3. if you're concerned about dirty-ness then i'd go with the damier cles. i have a mono cles and i love it. holds my car key really well.
  4. I say you get the azur cles. It's beautiful, I don't think it will get that dirty very easily.
  5. i may come home with something totally off the wall and different! lol i think i may just be in one of those moods tomorrow where i'm like, ehhhh i think i'll buy this too. lol.
  6. anyone know if suhali agenda comes in verone? if so :drool: i'm in trouble.
  7. ^^^ Ohh that would be sooo beautiful!!
  8. For Cles, have you looked into mono groom one or the mini lin one?

    I like them both and I bought the mono groom!
  9. I'd go with the Azur agenda and cles. They're so pretty.
  10. what about the vernis cles? i love the amarante color!
  11. I've had an Azur cles for my car key for about 4 months and it shows no dirt at all. And I'm pretty rough on my stuff. I also like the Mini Lin Cles in Ebene.
  12. have fun tomomorrow...
    I miss shopping in NYC.
    Don't forget to post pics when you get home so we know what you ended up buying.
  13. what about mini lin cles in ebene?
  14. azur cles!
  15. I know what you mean, I went to LV yesterday and was so indecisive cuz I never know what I will walk out with. I like all the cles, so I guess it's whatever one you really want right now. I like the damier. I haven't gotten myself to get the azur even though I would like to get it just to get it for collection purposes. I think some of the suhali cles are very pretty too. Or you could get another bracelet like a double coiled one.