Which should I get to hang off my MC Noe?

  1. I just won a black MC Noe on eBay from seller Fashionphile! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: It's in great condition, but it doesn't come with the luggage tag:push:. So I'm thinking of getting either a panda cles or a groom cles to hang off my bag! What do you guys think?
  2. How about pomme vernis?
  3. I wouldn't hang anything off of it...just my opinion.
  4. BTW, congrats!!!! Love MC!!
  5. ^hehe, thanks!
  6. Not sure I would hang anything on it. It's a gorgeous bag! Congrats and post pics when you receive it.
  7. Congrats! Panda gets my vote.
  8. I would get a Vernis Pomme Cles. Getting a Groom Cles to hang off of anything MC seems too busy, IMHO.
  9. Panda sounds cute. I agree that Groom Cles would be too busy. Congratulations!!!
  10. The panda cles sounds cute, but I would avoid anything else besides that. Enjoy your black MC noe!!
  11. Ur definitely on e roll kimalee.. Lots of MC coming ur way.. I wouldnt hang anything on MC, too much with all the colours floating ard..
  12. Personally, I would buy a new luggage tag and heat-stamp my initials in a funky colour that matches the MC. I think luggage tags compliment the MC Noe nicely (congrats on that btw...MC ROCKS!!) - but if it's definately between the two choices you've listed...then I would say...GET A PANDA CLES (they're lovely too...:love:)
  13. ^thanks, I think I might end up getting a new luggage tag!
  14. I agree with getting a new luggage tag and heatstamping it in a cool color. My SA suggested getting it done in a royal blue and I think it turned out great. So happy that you went with the Petite Noe and I can't wait to see pics.
  15. I know! I can't stop!