Which should I get....Tivoli PM or GM?

  1. Help! I really like the style of the Tivoli, but don't know which size is right for me. I read somewhere that the PM is similar in size to a Speedy 25. Is that true? I don't have an LV boutique close to me, so I can't zip on down to see IRL (not that they have any in stock right now anyway). If those of you who own the Tivoli could describe the size to me, I'd really appreciate it. This is what I typically carry in purse: misc papers, zippy wallet, accessory pochette, compact, checkbook, LV sunglass case. I'm worried the PM is too small but the GM is too big. It seems that every LV bag I really like never comes in MM size. Argh. Oh well, c'est la vie.


  2. i'd say go for the pm... although i don't have one yet.. but i'm planning to waitlist for one.. i think the pm size is good enough for the stuff that you're carrying...
  3. I prefer the GM size as the PM seems quite small ..depends what suits your needs more:yes:
  4. when I first saw it, I loved the Tivoli PM, but after much consideration, and seeing the modelling pics of our TPF-ers, I prefer the GM size.

    More practical and handy. The PM seems so small. ;)
  5. if u carry the sunglasses case, it might be too much for a PM. I have my Dior sunglasses with me but no case and it's already fill.I think you should go with GM. However, it depends how tall you are.
  6. I'm 5'4".
  7. ur height is good for both size, I owned and like the GM better than PM, b/c of it's size also the adjustable strap is a big plus for me too:yes:
  8. GM for sure. The PM seems so dainty...as if it's only for a quick errand. I think in the long run the GM will be more useful for you.
  9. go for GM
  10. I'm 5'2'' and just bought a PM and LOVE it... I feel it's a perfect size for me. It's very spacious inside and it can hold alot more than you think.
  11. Yes it is. :yes:
    I think you should get GM size, plus GM have the adjustable shoulder straps! You will not be disappointed. I actually thought that GM would be bigger....
  12. I tried both on before I made decision.
    I found that PM is alittle to small for me to put my stuff in.
    So, I got GM instead and LOVE it so much.
  13. Thanks for all the input guys. It's much appreciated. I thought I had my heart set on the PM, but now I'm leaning toward the GM. The initial dimensions scared me...18"W seemed ginormous! :shocked:
  14. depends on if you're looking for a handheld or shoulder bag!
  15. The PM is larger than you would think. It is quite roomy. I have seen comparison pics posted here of the PM next to Saleya PM and next to a Speedy 30. I found those pics very helpful to me when I made my decision.
    I'm sure you will love this bag no matter which you decide.