Which should I get? Those w/Blue Nile /Roberto Coin experience please comment...

  1. Hi everyone!

    My anniversary is coming up soon and I fell in love with these Roberto Coin hoop earrings ($4,900)

    The price on them is going up on March 1st by at least 10% according to numerous SAs I spoke with. So this is a very very soon decision to be made.

    While surfing the internet my husband came across these very similar earrings on Blue Nile-same materials, total carat weight, diamond quality- but for significantly less- $3,150 no tax and I could get 10% off that price too!


    My hubby thinks the Roberto Coin pair is overpriced by like $2,000.00
    He also said if I get the Blue Nile ones he'll get me a pair of Louboutins too which is very tempting as I am obsessed with Loubs.

    Anyhow, for those who are familiar w/Roberto Coin jewelry- do you think it is overpriced and not worth the prices? Do you think I'd be paying $2K for the name and tiny ruby inlaid?

    Those w/Blue Nile experience- are the items very high quality and is what you received what you expected- was it as described on the site? Any problems or complaints?

    I have a hard time buying items that are not associated w/a brand so I am trying to think of this as 'it is gold and diamonds' it doesn't matter what name is on it it is still gold and diamonds...

    What do you ladies think I should choose? The Roberto Coin pair or the Blue Nile pair w/a pair of Louboutins?

    Thanks for your input! :yes:
    I am having a hard time deciding. :confused1::cursing:
  2. I will also mention I have seen the Roberto Coin earring in person/tried them on and cannot see the Blue Nile ones prior to purchase which concerns me.
  3. I have several pieces of Roberto Coin. My husband shops at this one store in town where he loves the personal service, he buys me a piece or pieces of RC for most holidays. You may not like my answer but I honestly think it is overpriced. It's signed, of course and has the cute little ruby but I see how much he pays for them and can't believe it. I would say if you have the $, and really want the name (and the little ruby) then go ahead and buy the RC. You sound like you would prefer the RC, so decide if the piece of mind is worth the extra $
  4. I have no experience with Blue Nile but own around 20 pieces of Roberto Coin. (Yes, huge fan!) My honest opinion is that though it is extremely well made and gorgeous, for those pieces you would be better off with the Blue Nile if the quality is comparable. Last fall I decided I wanted a new pair of diamond studs and was looking at several pairs of Roberto Coin's at Saks. Finally, I thought - they are studs - there is no intricate design (love several of his designer collections) and went to Nordstrom's and bought a Kwiat pair for around $2000 less. I am perfectly happy with them. RC's pieces are worth the money if you are getting one of his designs - can't beat them. But for as you put it "gold and diamonds" get the Louboutins. The spring collection is coming fast - there are some great pairs!!!
  5. ITA with the above posters--with name brand jewelry, you are paying for the design and the name. For simple pieces, as long as the quality is OK, there is no need (IMO) to pay extra for either the design or the name. I have lovely designer pieces that I love, and no name basics that I also love. Blue Nile has excellent quality jewelry; I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  6. BN also has a great return policy, so you can order them, and always ship them back (just pay shipping), if they dont meet your standards. I'd definitly want the package with shoes thrown in!! So I'd try the BN ones for sure!!

    Do you have a regular/reputable jeweler near by? They may also have something at a good price for you, as thats a popular style.

  7. Yes, I checked out a pair of 'no-name' comparable hoops at a local jewelry store and they were so flimsy and the cut was not really spectacular either- the RC pair are super solid in comparison. I really saw the difference. I am thinking the Blue Nile pair are the same as the ones I saw so I am starting to think I should go w/the RCs. I don't want to be disappointed.
  8. I'm not familiar with Robert Coin's jewelry but have bought a couple of items from Blue Nile, and have been very pleased with them. A few months ago I bought a platinum diamond/sapphire eternity band at Tiffany for $7,000. I knew when I bought it that Tiffany is notorious as a vanity ripoff, so I checked online and found the same ring (platinum, same carats/grade diamonds) at Blue Nile for something like $2800. Plus I didn't have to pay the local 7% sales tax at Blue Nile. The ring arrived so I had both in hand to compare. There was absolutely no difference in quality or appearance. The only difference was that inside the band of the Tiffany ring was the 'Tiffany' stamp. I showed the rings to several people and no one could tell a difference. Needless to say the Tiffany ring went back to Tiffany.

    So my vote goes for the Blue Nile earrings.
  9. ^^^yes, this is what I was trying to say (only said better!)--order from BN and compare the two directly so you know if you are getting your $$ worth. BN is very reliable, but obviously you need to see and hold jewelry rather than just look at a website picture.