Which should I get SPEEDY 25 or PAPILLON 26??

  1. Ok so I already have the Coussin bag, the Wapity case and the Porte Monnaie Billets Viennois (french purse wallet) and I am seriously itching to get another LV item. I love the look of both the Papillon 26 and the Speedy 25 but can't make up my mind on which to get. So I want to hear from you gals that have either one or both. I would love to get your input to help make up my mind.

    PROS: love the look of it, like how sturdy it is, love the inside of it.
    CONS: hate how fat/wide it is

    PROS: it's cute, love the lock
    CONS: hate that it sags when you put your stuff in it, hate that pretty much everyone seems to own a speedy, not too into the pocket inside

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Speedy 25,you cannot go wrong with it (Maybe I am abit part with it because I own one).IMO the papilion looks good in Damier only. To me it always seemed like a uncomfortable bag to carry under arm.
  3. i'd say pap if you think speedy is everywhere, what about Damier pap?
  4. I thought about Damier but I am kinda ANAL (ok really anal) about my wallets matching my purse and all my other stuff listed is monogram.
  5. hum...what about white MC? if you want to stick w/Mono, speedy sag can be fixed w/purseket and a piece of cardboard, you can dress up speedy w/scarf, charm, cles to make it stand out more. As far as the pap, i'd really wear them by the crook of my arm, not as shoulder bag. so both are hand held for me :smile:
  6. My vote is for the Papillon. :smile:
  7. voting for speedy 25
  8. Speedy25 :yes::yes:
  9. speedy ftw! (: i love the papillon too, but a speedy wins hands down.
  10. Papillon
  11. papillon!
    it's very pretty.
  12. speedy!!!!

    although i agree that the papillon is so cute, i'd have to go with a speedy. let me explain why.... a few months back i bought a damier papillon 26, road tested it and i did not like the feel the handles, i had it exchanged for a damier speedy after a week........ i love the feel of rolled vachetta handles....... but that's just me........
  13. :yes: i love speedy 25
  14. speedy 25 gets my vote...that's why everybody has it because it's a great bag ;)
  15. um... I'm probably not the best person to ask coz I have both! Speedy in both Mono & Damier & the Cherry Blossom Pap (which is a 26) & Pap 30 in Damier... and I love them all!

    but I guess if I have to pick, I'd pick the speedy 25... dont worry about the sag, like others have said, you can put cardboard in it... or just let it sag... the only speedy i put a cardboard in is the MC speedy... my regular damier 25 & perfo speedy, i just let it sag...

    the sag actually looks really edgy & gives it a funky, casual look to it...

    go for the speedy 25! good luck!