Which should I get: red or black mini?

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  1. Which one do you think is better, red lambskin mini with SHW or black caviar mini with GHW?
  2. Black caviar with gold hardwear. I am partial to caviar. and I think Red looks best with Gold hardwear!
  3. Black would be more practical and versatile but I love minis in different colors so I vote for the red! lol
  4. I would get black.
  5. I vote for black (I just got a black caviar mini w/ SHW...love it so much!:love:).
  6. I vote for black as well.
  7. black.
  8. If you have a black Chanel flap I would get a red mini flap with GHW. IMO, GHW is the perfect combo for red lambskin, tres chic. If you don't have a black flap or want something very classic that will go with anything than go for black flap with GHW.
  9. black
  10. me too... black! red only w/ GHW
  11. Red would be so adorable!
  12. Black.
  13. Black with ghw!
  14. Depends of your collection. If you already have a black one, than go with red. If not, black mini might be a better choice...
  15. For the min, I would choose red to show off :P