Which should I get for my first item - Bangle or Scarf?

  1. We are moving from Houston to Calgary next week and after a visit to Hermes to do some browsing, DH asked me if I want a Bangle or Scarf as my parting gift -- well and its my bDay next week :smile: .. this would be my first H item ... I love the Jungle Love scarf in Yellow, and I'd like a 7cm GM bangle gold, but not sure which colour or design, I'd need to go look .. I think I would use the bangle more but the scarf is so gorgeous and won't be around in that pattern forever .. any input? I'd guess I'd go pick it up in the next few days if I do.

    I haven't mentioned this thought to him yet, but since we are Canadians moving back after 15 years here, I need to liquidate my Roth IRA since its only benefitial in the US .. I'll transfer it into a Canadian plan but before I do, I could easily skim a chunk off without making much of a dent for a future H bag purchase :smile: ... LOL not a clue which and no rush on that, but I'm thinking .. :wlae:

    Thanks for any input :smile:
  2. Get both!
  3. My personal experience tells me to get a scarf. I would get so much use from it. More so than the bangle.
  4. Since you are moving to Calgary I would get the scarf. It will come in handy as you can use it with a winter coat and also in everyday dress. I feel bracelets are much easier to find (even online) and a scarf is a beautiful memory making piece.

    I wish you well on your move.
  5. lol at rose.

    i say scarf!
  6. Another vote for the scarf.
  7. Ok....first of all I feel I must respond to this portion of your question.......HOLY HELL YEAH!!!!!! That's what I'd do in a hot second!!!!!!

    And now that that's out of the way, go for the scarf!
  8. Another vote for the scarf :smile:
  9. Add another checkmark in the scarf column. It's too bad the Texas Wildlife scarf is not available at the boutique any longer as that would have been the perfect parting gift to remember your years in Houston. :sad: While I am sad to see you leave Houston, Vista, I wish you the best of luck in Canada.
  10. I would get the bangle...just coz I am not a scarf kind of girl (yet)...so go with what you feel you will get the most out of right now...jmo
  11. I adore my bangles but, I'd put my two cents in on a scarf! They are VERY nice and work with loads of outfits! A bangle...not always!
  12. Good luck with the move!
  13. Scarf. No doubt.
  14. I'm going to be different and Vote for a bracelett, maybe this is just because i'm not a scarf type of girl?
    But the bangles are just too fabulous, and can acsessorize every outfit!
  15. Buy the scarf. They are more versatile than bangles - you can dress up your neck, head, hair with them, use them as belts ( if you're slim enough) and generally use them to accessorise just about anything you have. I even use them as jackets ( see the 'how to tie your Hermes scarf booklets' to see how) if I'm wearing a plain dress to dinner. A bangle only works on your wrist.

    You know it makes sense!