Which should i get for my first chanel?

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  1. Hi! :biggrin: m a newbie here. Want opinions on which should i buy as my first chanel bag? :biggrin:
  2. get the black classic flap either lambskin or caviar would work
  3. yep, black classic flap---my vote is caviar
  4. Welcome, my vote would be black classic flap caviar also.
  5. my vote is a black or beige caviar classic flap.
  6. What type of bag do you need, something for everyday or going out? What do you want size wise? How much do you want to fit in it?
  7. Black classic flap with ghw or Matte black reissue ! :biggrin:
  8. My vote is a classic flap in any colors...lol. I personally got myself a white classic flap as my first.
  9. jumbo!
  10. Get the bag that you are swooning for! That's what you should get-- the one you want. Good luck and let us know what you decide. :tup:
  11. classic flap
  12. Classic flap--beige or black but definitely ghw
  13. flap! jumbo or m/l, depends on yer budget.
  14. :welcome2: to Chanel.............The black classic flap is always a good way to start