Which should I get first?

  1. Since I've majorly broken my ban, why not keep going? lol. Anywho, I've been really wanting the Trunks & Bags Mini Pochette for a while now, which I think is pretty sold out. However, I saw the new vernis cles in the store yesterday and I am in love! Which should I go for first? Which do you think will be easier to find in the future (like on eBay, etc.)? Thanks for your help!
  2. i like the trunks and bags more :p
  3. T & B, I have one and love it~~~ :smile:)
  4. Get the T & B first.
  5. I vote T&B...get it while you can :smile:
  6. T&B! It is awesome :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  7. T & B, while you can still get it!!
  8. Guess I'm the only one so far, but I liked the vernis cles more.
  9. I love my T&B so I pick it.
  10. I cannot say no to vernis!
  11. HMMM both heheehe. I love mini pouchettes, I find them so usefull, my bags stay so clean, becausei put everything in them!!!!. I love the T&B one too.
  12. Me neither, apparently. :p Here's another vote for the new vernis cles.
  13. Vernis Cles, it's LE.
  14. T&b!
  15. T&B:tup: