Which should I get, DBTY necklace or tennis bracelet?

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Which should I get, necklace or bracelet?

  1. 36-inch diamond DBTY necklace

  2. 6 ctw tennis bracelet

  3. None. Save your money

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  1. Please help me decide which one to get, a versatile 36-inch DBTY necklace or a classic tennis bracelet?

    The DBTY necklace can be worn as single strand or double strand. It looks casual enough to wear everyday. It is 36 inches long and has 17, 17-pt (0.17carat) diamond melees (F color, VS clarity, ideal cut). The metal is platinum.

    The 6 ctw tennis bracelet has 40, 15-pt (0,15 carat) diamond melees (also F color, VS clarity, ideal cut). The metal is 14K white gold. Due to the many diamonds placed in a row, the bracelet definitely sparkles a lot. Although the melees size are not so big that they make the bracelet look substantial, the bracelet can be too formal looking for everyday wear (I am afraid).

    Please help me choose and tell me the reasons for your choice.

    Note, I cannot get both.

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  3. Buy the one that you truly need now, and purchase the other one later. Good luck!
  4. I am a big fan of the DBTY necklaces, and a 36" one would give you a multitude of options. It would make a great necklace by itself either long or doubled, it would layer perfectly with other pieces and it can even be used as a more beautiful pendant chain. I think you would get much more use out of the necklace.
  5. diamond tennis bracelet!! it'll give your wrist that extra sparkle whenever you look down! harder to see one's necklace.. you have to stare at your reflection.. and then ppl just think you're checking yourself out! hahaha.
  6. If you get the necklace, you could still use it as a bracelet. Just twist it correctly a few times, and it would look like you have a bracelet on. Just a thought.
  7. DBTY, so versatile as the posters above have also pointed out. 36 inches is a great length, you'll never tire of it! and as dmitchelle points out if wrapped a multitude of times would make a gorgeous and modern bracelet.
    I'm not a fan of tennis bracelets, they may be classic but I find them a bit....of an older style?...if I can say that without offending anyone:shrugs: but then again if I was given one I wouldn't be complaining lol!!!!
  8. My vote goes for the necklace. Tennis bracelets look generic to me, and although 'classic', they are the type of basic that everyone seems to own, so nothing special. I just sold the gold in my 5 carat tennis bracelet and had the diamonds set in a DBTY type necklace for myself, and a DBTY type bracelet for my daughter. Although I realize in a few years the DBTY will also look old and generic. :nuts:
  9. I'd get the necklace; it just seems more versatile!
  10. I'd choose the tennis bracelet because it's classic. I'm afraid the necklace is a trend (although I think it's beautiful). I'd feel like I'd get more use from the bracelet in the long run.
  11. What a brilliant idea! Thanks! Another plus for DBTY necklace.

    Thanks to all for your votes and comments (which help me realize the pros of each option). Now, the poll results are about even. Maybe I should wait for more votes to see if I can make a decision.
  12. I wear a 6.51 ctw tennis bracelet. It has 42 stones, 14 points each. I don't believe a tennis bracelet is too much for everyday. It is a classic.
    i agree with the others who have said the necklace is a trend. It is lovely & if someone gave one to me, I wouldn't turn it down & would wear happily.
    Good luck in your choice.
  13. The DBTY........I have a 54+ inch 6 ct tw dbty that I (honestly) do not wear a lot but I LOVE. I can wear it opera style, twice around the neck and even wrapped three times with a pendant on it (need a deployable clasp though) plus as suggested above wrapped quite a few times around the wrist for a bracelet. Had a 5 ct tw tennis bracelet and sold it because that got worn even less. I was bored with it. I like the necklace for its versatility. Depending how it's worn, it can go uptown or downtown.
  14. I have both items - a 4.80 ct. Roberto Coin cento collection (100 facets - exceptionally sparkly) tennis bracelet in white gold and, more recently, a 16" dbty necklace from WF (13 - .15 pt melees totalling 2 ct. in platinum). Even though I've had the bracelet a while now, my heart still skips a beat when I look down at my wrist and see it sparkling (makes me feel like a million bucks). I can't see the dbty unless I check it in the mirror (and some of the diamonds are always turned the wrong way). My choice would therefore be the tennis bracelet first. BTW, I wear it to work and on the weekend with jeans - it is very versatile and classic. Love the dbty too, especially when layered with my hearts & arrow diamond pendant. (I'm working on getting pics.) Either way, enjoy whichever one you choose.
  15. As far as trends go, almost every style of jewelry was once a trend. Some stay; some don't. But the DBTY jewelry is beautiful, feminine, understated, versatile and classic looking, despite it being on trend right now. I think it is a trend that will weather much better than many others have (say, the very wide gold bands popular in the 90's). Halo settings are certainly trendy right now, too, but they are also vintage-style and therefore have more staying power. I think we will continue to see DBTY styles long into the future, and even if we don't, it is unlikely anyone would look at such a beautiful piece and say, "That is SO 2010!" :lol: