which should I get Chanel or Louis Mini Mongram

  1. Please help I cannot decide which bag to get. Either the Chanel Small Tote or the LV Mini Mongram.:wlae:
    I need a response ASAP.
  2. Chanel! Always a classic! But then again, I've never been a fan of the monogram mini.
  3. Thanks for your response!!!

    I am kinda new to the site.....this is so exciting I finally find a website that talk about handbags.

    I am looking at the chanel that People mag. took a picture of Nicky Hilton carry the bigger verson.
  4. I say Chanel too--always a good choice. I like LV but I'm not a fan of the mini monogram.
  5. Chanel--I don't like the LV Mini Monogram.
  6. Yikes, I'm actually a big fan of the mini monogram... Although LV has discontinued most of my favorite colors. But of course I love Chanel too.
    Which mini mono style were you thinking of?
    In general, the Chanel tote will probably outlast most mini monos, in both style and construction.
  7. Chanel ! Also not a fan of the mini Mono
  8. Definitely the Chanel.
  9. chanel is always an investment buy that you will never ever regret....
    i bought a few monogrammed purses when i first started my interest in bags...but as time pass i start regretting them and i always still love my nice leather bags....so go for the chanel!
  10. Chanel for sure!
  11. Chanel and you can get a mini mono later (as the price is not expensive as Chanel)
  12. i actually like mini monogram too... i have the josephine bag and i love it. but i would pick chanel cause i agree that it's more classic.
  13. Chanel. it'll outlive the Monogram Mini in the long run, for sure. :smile:
  14. Chanel gets my vote!:yes:
  15. :yes: :yes: Chanel!